Panoramic views of Hohberghorn

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Panoramic views of Hohberghorn
Created On: Jan 19, 2008
Last Edited On: Jul 14, 2013


As a mountain of the Nadelgrat it is not very interesting because it is only one peak of many ...

The Nadelgrat is a fantastic climbing route with 4 (or 5) peaks over 4000 m: the Dürrenhorn (4034 m), the Hohberghorn (4219 m), the Stecknadelhorn (4241 m) and the Nadelhorn (4327 m). People sometimes count also the Lenzspitze (4294 m) as part of the Nadelgrat ...
(Rahel Maria Liu).

  • Panoramic view of the Nadelgrat (Photo by Hiltrud Liu)

  • North Face - Lenzspitze, Nadelhorn, Stecknadelhorn, Hohberghorn, Dirruhorn (Photo by il.rocciatore)

  • Photos by Hiltrud Liu, mamo, hansw, om, il.rocciatore

  • South Face - Dürrenhorn, Hohberghorn,Stecknadelhorn, Nadelhorn, Lenzspitze, Dom, Täschhorn, Alphubel, Rimfischhorn
    (Photos by Rahel Maria Liu worked by Rick B)

  • Bishorn Summit Panorama (Photo by Rick B)

  • Photos by Sebastian Hamm, andre hangaard, Cyrill, mulidivarese

  • Panoramic View of Hohberghorn (Photo by Hiltrud Liu)
Strahlhorn - Rimpfischhorn - Allalinhorn - Alphubel - Täschhorn and Dom in clouds - Nadelgrat - Ulrichshorn in the foreground


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Panoramic views of Hohberghorn

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