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Location Lat/Lon: 22.4567°S / 43.0271°W
Additional Information Elevation: 7339 ft / 2237 m
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Papuda is one of the higher mountains of Serra dos Órgãos National Park. The mountain is situated at the east border of the National Park, beside the main summit of Pedra do Sino ( 2275m ) and Pipoca Peak ( 2230m ). This is a nameless mountain for who climb Pedra do Sino, Travessia and Dedo de Deus. Everybody that see this peak from Teresópolis, think that it’s Pedra do Sino summit, but this is behind Papuda. From Travessia trail, Papuda looks like an impressive mountain to climb, because the vertical west wall, unclimbed yet. From the summit as possible to see the Hut 4 of Pedra do Sino, Teresópolis town, Castelos do Açu, Maria Comprida ,Tres Picos group, Jacó Valley and all ocean coast of Rio de Janeiro. The main summit is formed by great blocks dispersed, shaping a “goitrous man” layed, looking from Pedra do Sino.

Getting There

Papuda is inside Serra dos Órgãos National Park, and it’s very easy to go. The nearest town is Teresópolis ( 100km far of Rio de Janeiro ). The entrance of National Park is 5 km before the town, at the left side. It’s possible to drive to the main dike ( Represa ) and stop your car at the trailhead.

From Rio de Janeiro :

Option 1 :
Take BR-040 highway to north and, turn to right to BR-116 highway, 10 km after Red Line highway ( Linha Vermelha, part of BR-040 ). Drive by this highway, rise the mountains to Teresópolis, it’s possible to see the base of Dedo de Deus from this road. This is one of the most beautiful roads of the world : BR-116 highway. The entrance of Serra dos Órgãos National Park is in the end of the ascent.

Option 2 :
Cross Ponte Rio – Niterói, and drive by BR-101 to north. At Manilha district of São Gonçalo town, turn to the left road to Magé town direction. Arriving this town, have some plates indicating BR-116 to Teresópolis. Rise this road and get the entrance of Serra dos Órgãos National Park at the top of the road, at the left side.

The trailhead is in the last parking car. The trail to Papuda is very easy: Walk up the way to Pedra do Sino and ( 10 km of a zigzag trail ). When arrives at Cota 2000mts ( 2000m point ), you can choose to turn to the right trail, very steep, rounding the west side of Papuda. The summit is around 30 min. From this point. Another way to get the summit is beside of Hut 4 ( Abrigo 4 ) of Pedra do Sino. Go down the main trail and after the first bend to the right, search for the trail at the left side, rising to the top of Papuda.

By bus, Viação Teresópolis is the best option, with departures of 1h/1h from Rio de Janeiro and 2h/2h from Niterói.
From Rio: US$ 6 ( Route by option 1 )
From Niterói : US$ 6,50 ( Route by option 2 )

Red Tape

Serra dos Órgãos National Park exacts US$ 4 per day/ person;
US$ 2 for each car/per day;
Timetable to visit : Everyday ( 08:00 to 17:00 to enter ). If you buy your ticket beforehand, it’s possible to prolong the timetable to 06:00 to 20:00.
SONP Telephone number : 55 0xx21 2644.4537 / 2642.1070

When To Climb

The best season to visit or to climb Papuda is Winter. I don’t recommend to go to the mountains at Summer, because is extremely hot and rains hard with thunderstorms. Be prepared to cold nights ( below zero ) and hotness days ( 25 – 35° ).


The best place to camp is the Hut 4 of Pedra do Sino. Large, plane, safe, with emergency shelter, bathrooms and hot water. You can camp at every place that you want inside SONP, but remember, this is an Atlantic forest, could be dangerous choose an wild place!

Mountain Conditions

The trail to Papuda is nameless, few people know the way. The last time that I climb it, the trail was closed, not marked because nobody walk there for a long time. But the trail is short and the hikers find the way with facility.