Park Avenue, Arches, Moab, Utah

Park Avenue, Arches, Moab, Utah

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Beginners are Welcome

Orange rocks and sand welcome the beginning, easy hike-seekers. Calling it "primitive" on the sign means that there is no pavement. A few rustic steps lead to an ancient wash, and there isn't any obvious crypto-biotic soil to worry about. At the end of one mile, a shuttle car can pick up the hikers or they can stroll back to the beginning, seeing the sights from the other perspective. Park Avenue is the name because of 500-foot sandstone vertical rocks tempting climbers. They (the climbers) have provided beautiful pictures and information with their reports about Wall Street, another tall place where the climbers bring their necessary gear.

Getting there:

Visitors to Arches National Park pass the visitor center and climb the narrow road to the fault-zone landing. About the first thing in the Park is Park Avenue, suitable for almost everyone who can climb about 20 rustic, steep steps that are past the viewpoint.