Parque Natural Los Nevados, Tolima, Santa Isabel, Ruiz

Parque Natural Los Nevados, Tolima, Santa Isabel, Ruiz

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Location Lat/Lon: 4.79784°N / 75.37887°W


As a part of the large chain of volcanoes along south America, the Tolima 5200m, Santa Isabel 4980m and Ruiz
5320m are the last hot points in the continent, despite that they are located
very closed to the equatorial line, they still have big portions of glacier,
sadly this glacier is in danger of being extinguished. Those conditions make
the National Park of Los Nevados a very good place to enjoy with amazing views,
to get in touch with the global warm reality and to experience all the natural
zones that a range of altitude from 2000 m to 5321m can offer. Rain forest,
Paramo, Super Paramo, Moraines, huge extensions of colorful sands, show, and

The national park has an extension
of 58.500 hectares, approximately 255 bird species, an impressive variety of flora
and animals like bears, dears, dantas, condors, rabbits and much more.

The Ruiz volcano is temporally
closed because its activity, visiting the other places in the park you will
have the opportunity to see the smoke and ashes coming out of its summit, it
doesn´t represent any tread for trekkers. 

You can start your trip to Tolima
and Santa Isabel from different places, from Ibague, from Salento, or Pereira.
The most common and easiest way to get to Tolima volcano is from Salento. In
the case of Santa Isabel the easiest way will be from Pereira.

From one day trek, to multiple day
walks, or visit the snow border, going for a summit, ice climbing, hot springs
at 4000 m with the view of the glacier, and more, you will find this place an
excellent choice to start an adventure.

Useful information

- Ibague,Armenia and Pereira have airports, plains from Bogotá arrive frequently and the flight takes more or less 2 hours.

Buses from Bogotá take of each hour from the Bus station El Salitre, even each half
hour sometimes, to Ibague most of the time the trip will take 5 hours. To Armenia
will be 8 hours and to Pereira 9 hours. If you travel at night you will safe 1
or even 3 hours of the trip because or the traffic and less stops in the road. All
of this main cities are in the same way from Bogotá.

Bus prices approximately: Bogotá – Ibague 20.000 Colombian pesos

Bogotá – Armenia 30.000

Armenia – Salento 5.000

Bogotá – Pereira 35.000
The first bus from Armenia to Salento lives at 5:30 am, every half an hour until 4 pm.
- The entrance to the park has no charge and a permit to entrance is not always required.
- There isn´t a proper season to visit, because the weather is very variable, but you can find more chances to have dry weather between mid December, until the last days of February. But again you can be surprised by the good weather any time in the year. 

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