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Sana, Brazil, South America
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Peito do Pombo
Created On: Oct 3, 2005
Last Edited On: Dec 11, 2005

A Bit of Sana History

Nobody knows for sure about origin of the city's name. There are 3 different stories and believe in whatever you want... The first tells that the Europeans, first residents of the place, called the river of the area "Rio Sena do Brasil" (Brazilian Seine River), and it is pronounced like Sana. The second legend tells that the name of the city is due to a Swiss family, that lived there, the Sanel's. And the third and last possibility is due to a bamboo species called Sena that is very common on that area. The first people arrived on the area around the thirties to plant coffee. In the seventies, a hippie community settled down on the place and they called themslves "Peito do Pombo" (Pigeon's Chest) Alternative Community. It ended in 1979. In 86, the electric power came finally and from 1990 it began to be frequented by who still goes to there now.


Peito do Pombo Peak is one of the many mountains of Sana District, Macaé City – RJ. “Peito do Pombo” in portuguese is “Pigeon Chest” in english, because the “design” of the mountain seems like a full chest of this bird species. The mountain as viewed from many places, mountains, farms, rivers and, this is the most popular trail to do in Sana. The mountain is far around 6 km of the district, and it is advisable to use a 4X4 to go up to the Peito’s base. Sana is a little district surrounded by mountains varying to 800 – 1800mts ( in the verge with Lumiar, district in Nova Friburgo).

Peito do Pombo is in Serra da Boa Vista Range, and this mountain isn’t the Boa Vista highest point, but the mountain is very beautiful in the generality. Another great mountain near Peito do Pombo is Pico do Frade at Glicério District, near Lumiar Mountains.

Getting There

There are two ways to go to Sana by car: From Lumiar or, Casimiro de Abreu Town. Casimiro de Abreu is a little place in the Rio de Janeiro coastline, beside Macaé .This is the central office of Petrobrás SA, the biggest brazilian petroleum company. From Lumiar, drive by 30 km by land road with stunning mountains in to the two sides of the track like this: Pedra Benfica, still at Lumiar, and, Pedra Riscada, on the way Lumiar – Sana. The road Casimiro de Abreu – Sana is wonderful too, with farms, large houses, plantations, waterfalls and myths. To climb Peito do Pombo, It's about 4 hours of a slippery trail with hills, precipices and good mirador at the summit trail. To walk, it is necessary to save one whole day for that. At the summit, a wonderful rock formation impresses the climbers that go up there, stiring up to climb the big stone.

Rio de Janeiro – Sana : 165 km ( Drive by BR-101 road to north to Casimiro de Abreu );
Friburgo – Sana : 60 km ( Friburgo – Lumiar – Serra-Mar Road to Sana );
Macaé – Sana : 79 km ( Macaé to Casimiro de Abreu by BR-101 to south – Sana )

Map to Sana

Red Tape

Peito do Pombo is inside of a particular property, needing an authorization to climb. No taxes to pay to go there, but, you need to enter there with a local guide to show you the right trails to the mountain. Seek Samuel at "Sobrenatural" (Supernatural) bar, and he takes you there. The guy's e-mail is: or . He is one of the many guides of Sana mountains.

When To Climb

All over the year is good to travel by this region. The mountains, the best season to climb is May to September ( Cold temperatures and dry weather ). Another atractions how waterfalls and farms, you can go all over the year, choosing the best days, of course.


The camping by the trail is forbidden, because the mountain is in a particular area but, Sana offers many options of camping area and good lodges to stay at Peito do Pombo’s base.
Repousada do Sana is a good lodge at there ( in portuguese ).
Pousada Bom Viver Hotel with maps, rooms ( in portuguese ).

Mountain Conditions

Casimiro de Abreu forecast (mountain).
Macaé forecast (coastline).

RIvers, Wildlife and Sunrise.

Sana region is very beautiful because the preservation is a real project there. Rivers are so limpid and clear, the wildlife is untouchable and, the colors are so impressive!

Peito do Pombo

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