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Forbidden ?

Dear administers, Elves,
About a week ago while looking at Summitpost on my iPad the monitor/screen went blank. Then I got this message:
Forbidden, You do not have permission to access this resource. I have not been able to look at summit post since.
Please fix this problem.
Best Regards,
Marc Soltan
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Size of display

The size of my Summipost characters display (all pages) suddenly plunged to a very small size. I could have activated a reduction of the display inadvertently. How can I restore a much larger display? Thanks for your help.
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403 Forbidden

I access Summitpost at home and at work. 2 weeks ago while at work on Google Chrome, when trying to go to Summitpost I received an error message that said "403 Forbidden" and since then I have not been able to get into Summitpost at work using Google Chrome. Today the same thing happened at home. I can no longer access Summitpost through Google Chrome. I am writing this note using "Microsoft Edge". At work, ...
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No access on cellphones?

It seems that you can't view summitpost from a cell phone anymore.

It says Forbidden You don't have permission to access this resource.

Does anyone else have this problem?
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Correcting Wrong Info On Route Page

By chance, I found one piece of inconsistent info on a Route Page. It's the main route for a well-known mountain and that means it probably should be corrected. I was unable to find out what the SummitPost website procedure is for informing someone about it. Am I supposed to click on Additions & Corrections over on the right side of the Route Page and then enter the info there? Or . . . . ...
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Cannot Post in Partner Forum for Alaska and Canada

Hoping to find partners to climb in Alaska but whenever I go to post in the forum it sends me back to my profile page. Tried logging out and back in with no luck. Would certainly appreciate your help. Thanks!!
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Downloading images/photos

On the summitpost website, can images/photos be downloaded as JPG files or JPEG files? I have tried but I have not succeeded. My goal is to download the images/photos to my computer, transfer them from my computer to a flash drive, take the flash drive to Staples, pay Staples to print out the images/photos and then take the printed images/photos with me on my mountain climb so I can refer to them. I go to ...
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Dennis Poulin obituary and pages

I hate to sound like the Angel of Death lately, but I was looking back and found some common contributors may have passed on. One of of them is Dennis Poulin:

He passed just over two years ago. ... nis-poulin

I will not be able to take any of his pages, since I haven't visited those areas. However, please assist to keep his ...
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Adding coloured text


Full disclosure: Not a big fan of the new editor. But.....
Why is it when changing one's personal bio page, there are no radio buttons like when adding a page, or typing up this here question/gripe?
There IS an HTML option, which is fine. Which brings me to my question. When I enter the coding to change a texts colour, it either doesn't work or disappears all together; even the coding disappears. That's weird. ...
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Hey folks, unfortunately Windsor Riley or "Noondueler" passed away about 4 years ago. His pages are wonderful and belong on the site. They are pretty much all in California. If you hike in the Sierras or Napa Valley, please see if you can adopt his pages. I am in process of adopting several of them. Send me a PM if you want to adopt any of these to keep his great work alive and updated. ...
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