Climbers stuck

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Climbers stuck

by Gangolf Haub » Wed Aug 11, 2010 8:08 pm

Some of you probably remember a post a couple of days ago, where member akudin posted about several Ukranian climbers lost and asking for help. Most of us - including me - took this for a Nigerian scam mechanism, which it obviously wasn't. Here's what Anthony wrote to the elf account today


Fine, forget money... there are 2 people high up there without radio, food
and energy supplies since saturday waiting for the local goverment to grant
helicopter. 3rd person is missing since Jul 31. One of these 2 is injured.
Satelite phone and some of equipment fell with the 3rd person - Oleg
Monsar. These people desperately need help. All news are posted here: (sorry, all info is in russian).

Could you please, do us a huge favour and post info about the situation
and group location in the news feed in case some other expedition is in the
area with radio and can help in any way?

Here is the GPS coordinates for those 2 people that stuck under the pass:
N 38 59.169, E 071 37.104, altitudet: 3443m
This is at the lake near the Devlokhan glaicier. That place is sutable
for the helicopter landing.

All information can be verified in climbing federation of Ukraine and at
this point most likely Russian one too.

Thank you very much for any help!!!
I would greatly appreciate if this information is posted on your partner
sites if any.


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by desainme » Thu Aug 12, 2010 4:38 pm

The lake appeared to be a pond on the north side of an east flowing glacier which originates among some 18,000 ft mountains.

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