PIC GARIN (3461m) from

PIC GARIN (3461m) from "Becca" or Northwest 1978

In background from left or North: Pic Garin (3448m) or (3451 or 61m), behind Mont Valaisan (3307m). From Summit to the right: towards South-southwest Buttress, between Arpisson/Grauson Walloons: Punta Fleurie or Fiorito (3258m) or (3260m); Punte di Lavà (3214m); Fiorito or Fleurie Pass (3091m); Arpisson Tower (3231m) or (3227m); Pila Northeast Pass (3090m) or (3140m); Pointes Coupèes d'Arpisson (3215/18m, 3220/4m, 3231m) or (3152m, 3157m, 3168m); Pila Southwest Hill (3028m). from Becca di Nona (3142m) or (3141m) * * * Note: on the side in bold new satellite measurements. In foreground from left: Mont Ròss de Comboé (3301m), Ròss Pass (3091m) and Punte del Lago Gelato (3115m), after the ascent of North Wall "Becca"; In bottom to left: The Jag (3150m). September 24th, 1978 Old B&W by Osvaldo Cardellina
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