Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 22.9521°S / 44.4919°W
Activities Activities: Hiking, Mountaineering, Trad Climbing, Sport Climbing, Toprope, Big Wall
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 5213 ft / 1589 m
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Pico do Frade is a great mountain in Serra da Bocaina range. Who visit this range, must make the trail to Pico do Frade. Overthere, it is possible to see the Atlantic Ocean, Ilha Grande, Ilha Grande and Ribeira Bay, Mantiqueira Range and all Bocaina Range. The landscape is flaring, making to all be valid the effort of the 6 hours of walked. Pico do Frade is the 2nd highest peak of Angra dos Reis county and there are several tracks that take you to the top. There are also several points to begin the walk, making difficult to map the area, so that it isn't advisable the ascent without an experience guide, because it is very easy to get lost in the shut forest.
Linking together Brazil's two largest cities, Rio and São Paulo, is the Serra da Bocaina mountain range. In Tupi - Guarany language, Bocaina means " paths to the height " . In the past, the difficult to access the region created an ideal haven for many fugitive scales. Since 1971, 110.000 ha of the region, have become a National Park. Acces to the " heights " remains difficult, preserving the natural integrity of the land. The historical towns Bananal, Sao Jose do Barreiro, Areias, Angra dos Reis and Paraty surround Bocaina, serving both doors to a rare natural wonderland as well as windows to a nearly forgotten past. Entering the Park from a south, you stumble in to the world of early 18th Century muleteers. Access the Park from the north, you'll find yourself surrounded by the glorious lush atlantic rainforest. To really explore the region, you must set out into the 65-miles of Trilha do Ouro ( Gold Trail ). In terms of biodiversity and ecotourism, the " Gold Trail " offers a greater selection, ranging of hang-gliding to home-stays with local farmers. However, since much of the region can be explored on foot or horse-back, you can taste as many of tantalizing flavors of Serra da Bocaina as you like - without the guilt !

Getting There

Serra da Bocaina is accessible from both São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. From Rio, the drive is approximately 145 miles and, from São Paulo, it is 175 miles until you arrive in São Jose do Barreiro, the National Park base town, one of charming historical gateways to the park. The base of Pico do Frade can be arrived from Bananal county, Vila do Frade ( Frade Village ) or Mambucaba district of Angra dos Reis town. The easiest track to the summit is from Bananal.

When To Climb

If you climb the Bocaina to take photos, visit the range during the winter from June to August. Is advised when the skies are clear and blue. The temperature at winter nights can drop down to -6°C. Prepare yourself...


There are many campings on the Bocaina range, and the hikers must to walk around the park to know the beautiful places to camp. Pico do Frade has one camping area without security, because it isn't an appropriate camp area but, seves to dream at night.

Miscellaneous Info

All photos of this page were authorized by Francimar Pinheiro, the guide of the Andarilhos de Mambucaba. this is the Francimar Pinheiro site .


Don´t leave garbage;
Don't use machete;
Don't cut weeds;
Only uses the existing tracks already, and walks in estabilished tracks;
Don't invent, that you can lose yourself.

Weather Conditions

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