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vvujisic - Nov 11, 2005 10:54 am - Voted 10/10

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Good start! Put the number of the best photo in Edit Section as Signature ID photo.


Corax - Nov 11, 2005 11:14 am - Voted 10/10

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Interesting page!

Good one.

Added a book by the way.


EastKing - Nov 11, 2005 4:18 pm - Voted 10/10

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Nice page!!

Gangolf Haub

Gangolf Haub - Nov 11, 2005 5:21 pm - Voted 10/10

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Uh-oh! Thomas, you posted a page of an island on which a good friend of mine is right at the moment. Today I received a picture postcard from him and I thought - "wow - that looks like Madeira". I was already hooked by the postcard - but now after this submission and the one you're currently submitting I guess I'll have another worthy destination to add to my to-do list.


WoundedKnee - Nov 11, 2005 6:45 pm - Voted 10/10

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Very nice. I laughed when I saw "France, Africa" as the location, but now I know why.

Lee Stamm

Lee Stamm - Nov 11, 2005 10:49 pm - Voted 10/10

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Nicely done.


ldysrvyr - Nov 13, 2011 1:57 pm - Hasn't voted


Thank you for the page! We just bagged this today. Wow...what a ride...literally! Driving to Cilaos, was a jaw dropping experience..being from the states. It started the day out perfect to a great hike. I believe I may now qualify for a French least that is what I am told. First gear was needed to make most turns up the valley/mountain...and of course I had to watch for the 'negative curbs'...2 foot deep drainage ditches on the side. may not pull over when you wish to take a picture...there is a ditch. And then to realize that a bus drove this rode was beyond us. The road was built on the side of the mountain..barely wide enough for two cars and at times only for one. We lost count of the hairpin turns and there was a 360 curve. It was fun.
We finally came upon the trailhead and only one parking space available for us to squeeze in. It is a busy trail with those super runners in training(google Grand Raid)and those heading for the hut. I did Piton Maillot two days ago and expected a crazy "thank goodness I had hiking poles" trail. The trail goes straight up and up...steps. The trail was impressive...right up the side of the mountain....and very nicely built and used. The vegetation was dense and rainforest like...moss hanging from trees and flowers. It really was beautiful. Up and up and up...finally reaching a saddle and the hut which is 5 minutes from there. The vegetation has changed to vibrant green bushes backdropped by ancient lava. Next, stop by the hut for a quick break, empty the bladder and fuel up for the final approach. You are now walking on ancient weathered lava. It can be your footing and follow the white paint marks. Follow the marks to the summit...and enjoy the view into the caldera. We had clouds but our view was still impressive. Thomas had an awesome cloudless day...we did not.

Please...I have no idea why the trails in Europe are littered with tissue paper. It really is disgusting. It takes away from the hike no matter where you are. If anyone has the ability to change this habit...please do so. We just did the Walkers Haute route and had the same experience. :o(

But the volcano was still an awesome dayhike and it should not be missed if you are on the island. The backpacking cicuits sound incredible too if the chance is before you :o) Expect approximately 10 miles round trip and 5000 feet of elevation gain and back down again. Bring your hiking poles!

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