Poison Canyon variation on...

Poison Canyon variation on the approach to Mount Reba, in contrast to the "normal" approach from Alpine Lake, useful for the winter months, when the road is not open all the way to Lake Alpine.

Park on highway 4 just east of the intersection with the access road to Bear Valley Ski Area. This is a Sno-Park area. Walk for roughly 1/4 mile up the Bear Valley road and skin up at Poison Canyon. Follow the moderate slope north. At 8000' you should see a weather station in a clearing. Continue NNE and attain the nearest summit, "Poison", at 8420'. If you are impatient, try a decent descent from here, in some sheltered, leeward snow conditions. You should be able to reach your starting point on the Bear Valley road without stopping.

To continue to the summit, turn to the northeast and simply follow the high and relatively flat ridge to the eastern shoulder of Mount Reba.


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