Pontões Capixabas Natural Monument/ES - Brazil

Pontões Capixabas Natural Monument/ES - Brazil

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Conservation Area located in the Municipalities of Pancas and Águia Branca, in the State of Espírito Santo, with the basic objective of preserving the rocky pontoons, the associated flora and fauna, as well as the landscape formed by the traditional natural and cultural elements, enabling the realization of scientific research and the development of environmental education and ecological tourism activities.

The granitic region, whose original vegetation is the semidecidual submontane seasonal forest, which was gradually replaced by the farming practice. The remnants are located in areas of greater slope or difficult access as well as at the top of the rocky peaks. These pontoons form elongated and embedded river valleys, with rather abrupt relief, that create peculiar conditions for the forest. The region has a small rural occupation of pastures, coffee and other subsistence crops.

In the Pontões Capixabas Natural Monument it is possible to use the land and natural resources of the place by the owners, as long as they do not compromise the preservation of the pontoons, associated fauna and flora and the landscape.

Pontões Capixabas






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