Portraits Of Dolomites Mountains

Portraits Of Dolomites Mountains

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The Purpose


The idea of this page is to present the wonderful Dolomites mountains on a map - by hundreds of pictures which can be found on the web. You can see how each mountain looks like by up to 8 pictures, showing it from the sides of 8 principal directions of windrose. Finding new representative pictures, this collection will grow.


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The map with links to all those great pictures is above. You will see that each mountain is presented by a green square, surrounded by red dots. The example on the left shows how Monte Civetta is represented - with 8 pictures, showing that majestic mountain from all sides. The picture on the right shows how currently Monte Agner is presented - only with 3 pictures, from the NW, S and SE. With time I may find more pictures of it. But to see clearly the position of a respective mountain and all its dots you must get as close as possible - with the mouse or with the '+' button.

Of course, exploring the map, you see mountain names (and elevations) as soon as you hover over their symbol with mouse pointer. Clicking on green squares doesn't give you more information - in the future would be great if I could present each mountain with at least one representative sentence. But clicking on a red dot always displays a thumb picture and clicking on the thumb will display the full-size picture - in a new window. Using the map's tools buttons you can also change its appearance, for example, instead of the OpenTopoMap (default), you can choose any other map base.

A 2-steps Project

I like watching pictures of mountains. So, doing the first part of this time-consuming homework was also a big pleasure. In that step I went through almost all area and mountain pages of Dolomites Mountains on the SummiPost, choosing good pictures representing mountains and putting links to those pictures on one single map which you see above. Great panoramas, sceneries, mood pictures and so on are not there. I was choosing only pictures which clearly show the respective side of a particular mountain.

So, great SummitPost pictures are already there. I was not asking authors for permissions, below each thumb image I just wrote the author's name. I suppose that by posting pictures publicly, authors agree that visitors can see them. Links will show images directly, not their SP pages where voting would be possible. Finally, I would here like to thank sincerely to all mountain lovers and my SummitPost friends who contributed the pictures.

The second part of this project will last even longer. My intention is to link to great mountain portraits as I stumble on them in the future - anywhere on the web. Some will show mountains from new perspectives, others will replace existing pictures due to their better quality. My objection is that to a visitor of this page, exploring the above map is a pure feast of joy, which Dolomites can certainly offer.

Your Input

  • I'm aware that very possibly I did errors - copy-pasting stuff, judging the direction from which the mountain is shown, locating mountains which are poorly located on the OpenStreetMap, etc. Remind me on errors and I'll fix them.
  • If you are the author of pictures and you don't agree that they are shown here, please let me know and I'll remove links to them. However, I hope that doesn't happen, because your pictures are really making this map great.
  • If you're aware of other great pictures, representing Dolomites mountains on the web, let me know. But be specific: which mountain, which direction, what's the direct web link.

But even if you don't contribute, I wish you to enjoy exploring the above map!