Price River walkway, Utah

Price River walkway, Utah

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A good beginners place:

About 90 years ago the Scofield dam was built on the Price river to contain the precious water from spring flooding, and provide for farmers in the summer. The river figures a way through the lengthy, flat desert and on to join the mighty Green river. The ghost town of Woodside was located on the Price river where US highway 6 crosses the river. The woods in town came from the spring floods in the desert. Many of the woods are still there, along with the familiar out of business gas station where the "roadside geyser" used to spray up about 100 yards west of the current highway.

Getting there:

Woodside is located on US Highway 6-50, north of the town of Green River. The out of business gas station is on the west side of the road. A tiny bit north of the gas station, a dirt road takes off going east toward the canyon in the Book Cliffs with the river. The cliffs look much closer than they are. The dirt road varies in condition along the way, with the worst parts right close to the beginning. About 5 miles in, the mountains are alot closer. You can park anywhere along here, walk for miles, and enjoy solitude. I found wild onions on the south side of the dirt road at about one mile in. This is the same route to Mount Elliott, 7142 feet, seen near Woodside to the southeast. Across the road to the northwest is Flat Top mountain, 7140 feet, which is another trip report.

Another walkway being constructed now:

The Price river is getting another walkway built in the town by the same name right now. On the east side of US 6 a wide swath is being made for pedestrians and bikes. Some Russian olive trees and tamarisks have been removed (non-native plants) and other native plants encouraged to grow.