Quick after work trips

Idaho, United States, North America
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Small beginnings can lead to amazing endings

Radio Tower Hill to Red devil, is my favorite quick and easy trip. I can run Radio Tower hill in 20 min, then the trudge up and back is slow and steady. I love it for the consistancy of the climb and the terrain. This is where I started three years ago, with a hike before work, now its almost a cake walk. This "hill" was the beginning of my mountianeering desires. The hike I do here is about 2.5 hrs with a fast run down the swithbacks and out the canyon. Great for a mellow jaunt

This is becoming my fav quick trip, such a good view for something so small. my time to the top of radion tower is down to 14:30, then to the next top i forot to time. Soon bigger and better. 6/20/2006


I started this three years ago with my boyfriend. When I began it took me over five hours to reach the top, now
I can make it in just under three ( just over from my kitchen) hours. I love it cuz' it's right out my back door. The mountain itself only rises about 3,000 feet from where we are so i think that its just under 9,000.

Bald Mountian

The world famous Bald Mountain. www.sunvalley.com. I love to ride the 6:00 bus up to ketchum and hike this before work in the winter. Its kinda like a pocket hike, you know. Quick ( I'm slow at like 2.5 hours.), easy, fun and just about everybody can enjoy it.