Quintessential Glacier National Park...

Quintessential Glacier National Park...

It's all here: lush forest, sheer walls of rock, waterfalls and lakes, snow fields, glaciers—all presented in a (really!) must-see-to-believe depth. And, of course...mountains, mountains, and more mountains...everywhere, mountains! Front and center, starting it all off in this image is technical only Split Mountain. Big glaciated peak in the far distance, just left of Split, is Blackfoot Mountain, with rounded Mount Thompson being the next peak to the left. Darkish mountain in front of Blackfoot is Clyde Peak. To the immediate right of Split, looking to be in shadow, is Mount Logan, directly in front of glaciated Mount Jackson, which is on the horizon. Both the tarn (2100' below Split Mountain's summit), and the falls are unnamed.

Photo by Vernon, July 25, 2008, from the summit of Amphitheater Mountain.

(Take the time to enlarge this image. It's worth it.)

on Dec 3, 2008 2:11 am
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