Mountaineering Expeditions Visited Pakistan 2006

In 2006 a total number of 91 applications were received for grant of Permission to climb various peaks in Pakistan. Out of which 78 applicants were granted permission to climb respective Peaks of their choice including 10 applicants who were granted permission to climb 02 peaks each, whereas 10 expeditions could not be granted permission to climb peaks situated in Hindu Kush Range being too close to troubled Afghanistan border and peaks situated close to war zone Siachen Glacier, 03 expeditions withdrew their applications.
Out of 88 expeditions attempting 22 peaks, 40 expeditions have succeeded in putting 199 climbers on the summit of 08 Peaks. A brief resume of successful climbs on various peaks is given below: -

Golden Jubilee of Gasherbrum-II (8035-M)

Austrian Golden Jubilee Expedition
Year 2006 has truly been celebrated as the Golden Jubilee Year of the First Ascent of Gasherbrum-II which was climbed for the first time 50 years back on 8th July 1956 by Austrian climbers Fritz Moravec, Josef Larch and Hars willenpart. A 25 members strong Austrian team led by Mr. Evald Putz and Mr. Josef Hinding arrived in Pakistan on 25th June 2006 in a bid to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the first ascent of G-II in a befitting manner by putting their national flag on the summit of G-II during its Golden Jubilee year 2006. Finally 19-members of this Expedition including 2 Pakistani mountaineers were successful in reaching the 8035 Meters high summit of G-II from 26th July to 31st July 2006. That is how, very proudly, the Austrians celebrated the Golden Jubilee of the First Ascent of G-II.
Overall 21 Expeditions tried their luck on G-II, out of which 18 Expeditions have been successful in putting 126 members on the summit of G-II and only 03 Expeditions have returned un-successful.
Gasherbrum-II (8035-Meters)

Austrian Golden Jubilee G2, Mr. Ewald Putz and Mr. Josef Hinding. Summiteers
Mr. Josef Hinding (Leader)(31.07.2006)
Mr. Hauer Ewald (28.07.2006)
Mr. Doppler josef (31.07.2006)
Mr. Dorfner Eduard (28.07.2006)
Mr. Gebhart Johann (31.07.2006)
Mr. Michael Grobalber (28.07.2006)
Mr. Zacharas Johann (27.07.2006)
Mr. Joachim Moritz (29.07.2006)
Mr. Helmut Seidl (26.07.2006)
Mr. Kobler Rudolf (27.07.2006)
Mr. Plank Peter (29.07.2006)
Mr. Mr. Arnold Walter (28.07.2006)
Dr. Ebner Hannelore (29.07.2006)
Mr. Gruber Ignaz (29.07.2006)
Dr. Kristingus Eolfgang (31.07.2006)
Mr. Kalteis Peter (31.07.2006)
Mr. Rosenits Gerhard (29.07.2006)
Mr. Jahan Baig (Pakistan) (31.07.2006)
Mr. Ali Muhammad Jangjupa (Pakistan)

Austria Globetrek G2, Mr. Christian Babl. Summiteers
Mr. Zangerle Josef (29.07.2006)
Mr. Beautel Jan (29.07.2006)
Mr. Flur Alfred (01.08.2006)
Mr. Netzer Egon (01.08.2006)

France Urban G2 & GI. Mr. Urban Jean Noel.

Summiteers (10.07.2006)
Mr Urban Jean Noel (leader)
Mr Brun Nicolas

German G2. Mr. Michael Warthl.

Summiteers (10.07.2006)
Mr. Michael Worthl (Leader)
Mr. David Gottler
Mr. Gerhard Mitmasser
Mr. Martin freunberger
Mr. Jochen Pfannentill
Mr. Michael Zarl
Mr. Gregor Rex
Mr. Claus Dieter Gerhalter
Mr. Walter Lenauer
Mr. Stefan Raich
Mr. Reinhard Richter
Mr. Muhammad Ali (Sadpara, Skardu)
Mr. Ghulam Rasool ( Macholu, Ghanche)

German G2 Mr. Luis Andreas Stizinger.
Summiteers (29.07.2006)
Mr. Stitzinger Luis (Leader)
Ms. Von Melle Alix
Mr. Boehm Benedint
Mr. Haag Sebastian
Mr. Kalmbach Oliver
Mr. Marsula Ralf
Mr. Mueller Bernd
Mr. Campos Dusaso Javier
Mr. Hoffmann Herbert
Ms. Rieber Elisabeth

Dutch G2 & Broad Peak. Mr. Eltjo Reint Jean.
Summiteers G2 (22.07.2006)
Mr. Eltjo Reint Jan Zuidhoff (Leader)
Mr Folkert Auke Bloembergen

Italian G2. Mr. Martoia.
Summiteers (22.07.2006)
Mr. Martoia Piercarlo (Leader)
Mr. Mario Andrighetoni
Mr. Francesca Raffaelli
Mr. Rossella Tonso

Korean Donga-A G2. Mr. Seok Ho Lee.

Mr. Jin Gook Baek (22.07.2006)
Mr. Nam Goo Kim (22.07.2006)
Mr. Hee Joon Oh (07.07.2006)
Mr. Kim Hong Bin ((22.07.2006)
Mr. Kim Chaing Ho (22.07.2006)
Mr. Kim Mi Gon (22.07.2006)
Mr. Serap Jangbu Sherpa (07.07.2006)
Mr. Hassan Sadpara (Pakistan) (22.07.2006)
Mr. Nisar Hussain (Pakistan)(22.07.2006)

Multi National G2 & G1, Mr. Frits Vrijlandt.
Summiteers G2:
Mr. Frederick Robert (22.07.2006)
Mr. Court Peter Christine (22.07.2006)
Mr. Maku Laszlo (22.07.2006)
Mr. Achim Mietsch (22.07.2006)
Mr. Dario Bracali (07.07.2006)
Mr. Juan Pablo Terrado (07.07.2006)

Pakistan G2, Col. Amjad Wali (Leader)

Polish International G2. Mr. KRZYSZTOF WIELICKI
Mr. KRZYSZTOF WIELICKI(Leader) (25.07.2006)
Mr. Vestak Honza (23.07.2006)
Mr. Krabec Honza (23.07.2006)
Mr. Pawlowski Ryszard (24.07.2006)
Mr. Chmielarski Marek (24.07.2006)
Mr. Fronia Rafal (25.07.2006)
Mr. Jucha Robeert (25.07.2006)
Mr. Podsiadlo Pawel (25.07.2006)
Mr. Zimniewicz Zbigniew (25.07.2006)
Mr. Mirura Pawel (26.07.2006)
Mr. Chamielec Boguslaw (26.07.2006)

Spanish G2 & G1. Mr. Xabier Alzola Beltran.

Summiteers G2:
Mr. Xabbier Alzola (Leader)
Mr. Alberto Cerain
Ms. Aitziber Ibarbia Beloqui
Mr. Joseba Inaki Urkola
Mr. Candido Aizpurua Ipinza

Spanish G2. Mr. Andoni Ormazabal Aristegui.
Mr. Adoni Ormazabal Aristegui (Leader) (22.07.2006)
Mr. Jose Ramon Lasa Berasategi (22.07.2006)
Mr. Josu Juan Llodio (22.07.2006)
Mr. Mikel Sasiain Morales (22.07.2006)
Mr. Oier Plazaola Arrondo (24.07.2006)
Mr. Fracisco Monedero Bueno (22.07.2006)
Mr. Pedro Garcia Aguirre (24.07.2006)

Spain G2 & Broad Peak. Mr. Jose Carlos Pauner Gotor.

Spain G2 & G1, Mr. Oscar Cadiach Puig.

Spain G2. Mr. Francisco Briongos. Summiteers:
Mr. Francisco Briongos De La Fuente (Leader) (23.07.2006)
Mr. Alfredo Garcia Pascual (24.07.2006)
Mr. Pablo Lvqve Valle (22.07.2006)
Ms. Catalina Quesada Castro (24.07.2006)
Mr. Gian Mario Merelli (24.07.2006)
Mr. Santiago Martin Corrales (24.07.2006)

Spain Mayencos Expedition G2. Mr. Ayora Alberto.
Summiteers (25.07.2006)
Mr. Alberto Ayora (Leader)
Mr. Javier Dumall
Mr. Fernando Yarto
Mr. Francisco Borsa

Spanish G2. Mr. Juan Jose Garra Lorenzo.
Mr. Juan Jose Gara (Leader) (22.07.2006)
Mr. Manel Dovnigo (22.07.2006)
Mr Jordi Marmolejo (23.07.2006)
Mr. Jorge Gazquez (23.07.2006)

Switzerland G2. Mr. Richard Bolt.
Summiteers (07.07.2006)
Mr. Richard Bolt (Leader)
Mr. Oliver Biefer
Mr. Karl Stranksy
Mr. Thomas Gabathular
Mr Muhammad Yousaf (Pakistan)

USA G2. Mr. Michael Alan Farris.
Mr. Michael Alan Farris (Leader) ( 25.07.2006)
Mr. Nicolas Alexander Rice (25.07.2006)
Mr. Micheal John Roberts (27.07.2006)
Mr. Saulius Vilius (26.07.2006)
Ms. Barbieri Eloise (22.07.2006)
Mr. Bianchi Ivan (22.07.2006)
Mr. Tirta Tamang (22.07.2006)
Mr. Panzeri Mario (24.07.2006)
Yogoslavia G2 & GI. Milivoj Erdeljan.
Yugoslavia ExpeditionSeven members of the Yugoslavia Voivodinean GBI & GBII Expedition 2006, led by Mr. Milivoj Erdeljan, summited during the month of July.

Summiteers G2:
Mr. Iso Planik (12.07.2006)
Mr. Goran Ferlan (12.07.2006)
Mr. Mauricio Lopez (22.07.2006)
Mrs. Badia bonilla Luna (22.07.2006)
Mr. Sadiq Sadpara (Pakistan) (12.07.2006)
Mr. Saeed (Shamshal, Pakistan) (121.07.2006)
Mr. M. Sarwar Khan (Pakistan) (22.07.2006)

K-2 (8611-M) Choghori

Nives MeroiNives during de-briefing at Alpine Club of Pakistan after summitted K2.
User Profile ImageYuka Komatsu (23), and Tatsuya Aoki (21),reached the summit on August 1, at 4:50 pm, local time.

07 Expeditions tried their luck on K-2 but only two Expeditions, one Italian and one Japanese were able to put 2- members each on top of K-2, which includes a couple (Husband and wife) form Italy, and Japanese pair, Miss Komatsu Yuka the first Japanese and the youngest lady summiteer of K-2 at the age of 23 years 10 months 09 days and Mr. Aoki Tatsuya the youngest summiteer of K-2 at the age of 21 years 10 Months 07 days. Unluckily the Russian Expedition on K-2 met a fatal accident on 13th August 2006. During their summit attempt on 13th August 2006, four of its members were caught in an avalanche at an altitude of 8350-M. In spite of 3-days hectic Search and Rescue Operations; they could not be traced and as such were declared dead.
Women on K2
Only 8 womens have ever summited on K2.
In 1986 Polish climber Wanda Rutkiewicz became the first women ever to reach the top of K2 and was followed to the summit that same year by French climber Liliane Barrard and British climber Julie Tullis, both of whom died on their descent. Then in 1992, the summer that Wanda Rutkiewicz perished on Kangchenjunga, French alpinist Chantal Mauduit summitted K2, and survived, only to die six years later on another 8000 meter peak.In 1995 British climber and mother Alison Hargreaves reached the top but was killed shortly after starting her descent.
Last year Edurne Pasaban from Spain has summited K2 on 26 July 2004 at 16.30. Edurne.Edurne Pasabán (30) was born in Tolosa (Basque Country, Spain). She has also climbed more 8000+ peaks than any other living female. She has bagged Everest, Lhotse, Makalu, Cho Oyu, GI, GII and K2 Nanga Parbat in just a few years.
Nives Meroi and husband Romano Benet K2 26th July 2006 at 10-30 am local time. The two climbers left on their summit push at 2:00 am that morning.
Nives has thus bagged her 8th 8000er. The couple has also achieved the first summits on K2 since 2004.
Nives Meroi was born in Bergamo in September, 1961. She has previously summited Nanga Parbat, Cho Oyu, GII, GI, Broad Peak, Lhotse, Dhaulagiri, and now K2. She also has reached Shisha Pangma’s Central Summit. Nives had attempted K2 twice (1994 and 2003through the north side) and Everest in 1999. She typically travels light, without oxygen or high-altitude porters.
Japanese first female K2 Climber Yuka Komatsu (23), and Tatsuya Aoki (21),reached the summit on August 1, at 4:50 pm, local time. Yuka has become the first Japanese lady climber to summit K2, and Tatsuya is now the youngest K2 summiteer ever.
No woman has ever scaled all 14, 8000ers.

Canadian K2. Maxime Jean.

Italian K2. Mr. Romano Benet.

Summiteers: (26.07.2006)
Mr. Romano Benet (Leader)
Mrs. Nives Meroi

Japan Tokai Alpine K-2. Mr. Deriha Yoshitugu.

Summiteers (01.08.2006)
Mr. Aoki Tatsuya
Miss Komatsu Yuka

Pakistan Shams Alpine K2. Mr. Qudrat Ali Unsuccessful

Russian K2. Mr. Uteshev Yury.
04 Deaths
Mr. Uteshev Yury (Leader)
Mr. Foygt Alexander
Mr. Kuvakin Arkadiy
Mr. Kuznetsov Petr

Spanish Catalan K2. Mr. Oscar Cadiach Puig.

USA K2 & Broad Peak. Mr. Jeff Justman.

Broad Peak (8047– M)

Piotr PustelnikPolish Piotr Pustelnik
Spanish Broad Peak SummiteersSpanish BP summiteers Roberto Rojo, Roberto Garriga and Isabel Garcia.
Kinga Baranowska with Piotr PustelnikPustelnik's team plans to open a new route in alpine style on BP. When a Polish journalist asked Piotr whether he should be awarded again for saving Lotse on Annapurna, Piotr simply answered: “Humanly behavior shouldn’t be the subject of awards.” The lady climber in the image is Kinga Baranowska going for Broad Peak's normal route, her second 8000er after Cho Oyu.

This year 14 Expeditions were granted permission to climb Broad Peak out of which 06 have been successful in putting their 21 members on the summit of Broad Peak, 08 Expeditions have returned without success. Unluckily there was one casualty on this peak, Mr. Kronthaler Markus Leader of Austrian Expedition died after returning from summit.

America Broad Peak. Mr. Jeffery Justman.
Summiteers (28.06.2006)
Mr John Michael Down

Argentine Glacier Broad Peak. Mr. Marcos Gabriel. Unsuccessful

Australia Broad Peak. Mr. Terence W. Tremble.

Austrian Broad Peak. Mr. Kronthaler Markus.

Summiteers (07.07.2006):
Mr Kronthaler Markus (Leader)
Mr Bachmair Josef
Mr Ressmann Peter (06.07.2006)
One Death: Mr. Kronthaler Markus

Czech Broad Peak. Mr. Josef Nezerka. Unsuccessful

Dutch Broad Peak & G2. Mr. Eltjo Reint Jean.

International Broad Peak Poland. Mr. Piotr Pustelnik.

Mr. Piotr Pustelnik-Leader (08.07.2006)
Mr. Peter Hamor (08.07.2006)
Mr. Juan Carlos Alonso Parada (24.07.2006)
Mr. Roberto Rojo Vaquero (24.07.2006)
Mr. Robert Rodrigo Espiga (22.07.2006)
Ms Maria Isabel Garcia Arribas (22.07.2006)
Ms Kinga Baranowska (22.07.2006)
Mr Piotr Morawski (09.07.2006)

Russia Chernogolovka Broad Peak. Mr. Leonid Butov.
Summiteers (24.07.2006)
Mr. Leonid Butov (Leader)
Mr. Dmitry Sinev

Slovakia Broad Peak. Mr. Peter Sperka. Unsuccessful

Spanish Broad Peak. Mr. Jorge Egocheaga.

Summiteers (06.07.2006)
Mr Jorge Egocheaga (Leader)
Ms De Choudens Sandrine
Miss Eva Maria Zarzuelo

Spain Broad Peak. Mr. Llatzer Mendez Mas.

Spain Broad Peak & G2. Mr. Jose Carlos Pauner. Unsuccessful

Ukrainian Broad Peak. Mr. Zagirniak Mykhaylo. Unsuccessful

USA Broad Peak & K-2. Mr. Jeff Justman.

Mr Ryan Waters (24.06.2006)
Mrs Joellle Brupbacher (28.06.2006)
Mr Michael Murphy (28.06.2006)
Mr Marcus Dell (28.06.2006)

Gasherbrum-I (8068-M)

Gasherbrum I 8068-M (Hidden Peak)
KoreanThe Korean Dong GI-GII expedition, led by Seok Ho Lee, was debriefed on July 15 at Alpine Cub of Pakistan’s HQ. Seven Koreans and three Pakistanis topped out across the Gasherbrums

07 Expeditions tried to surmount impregnable G-I but only 3 Expeditions succeeded in putting 9 members on the summit, including 3 Pakistani climbers, remaining 04 expeditions have returned un-successful.

Canada Canuck GI. Mr. Trevor R. Hunt.

France Urban G1 & G2. Mr. Urban Jean Noel. Unsuccessful

Korea Dong-A University GI. Mr. Seok Ho Lee. Summiteers (31.07.2006)
Mr. Beak Lae Cho
Mr. Hee Joon Oh
Mr. Kim Chaing Ho
Mr. Hassan Sadpara (Pakistan)
Mr. Nissar Hussain (Pakistan)

Multi National GI & G2. Mr. Frits Vrijlandt. Unsuccessful

Spain GI & G2 Mr. Oscar Cadiach Puig.

Spanish GI & G2. Mr. Xabier Alzola Beltran. Summiteers G1 (29.07.2006)
Mr. Xabbier Alzola (Leader)
Mr. Alberto Cerain

Yogoslavia GI & G2. Milivoj Erdeljan.
Summiteers G1 (31.07.2006)
Mr. Iso Planik
Mr. Sadiq Sadpara (Pakistan)

Nanga Parbat (8125-M)

06 Expeditions came to Pakistan this year to surmount the invincible Nanga Parbat, “The Killer Mountain”. It stood to its reputation and took the lives of two strong Mountaineers, Mr. Jose Antonio Delgado Sucre of Venzuela and Mr. Ozawa Nadhiro of Japan.
Mr. Ozawa Nadhiro member of the Japanese Saitama Nanga Parbat Expedition was found missing between camp 2 & 3 on 28th July 2006 and finally declared dead. Mr. Jose Antonio Delgado of Venzuela died after returning from summit of Nanga Parbat. All out efforts were made to rescue him alive but failed due to bad weather. Finally a 4-members Rescue Team traced him close to Camp-IV, but unluckily he was found dead.
Anyhow 03 Expeditions have returned successful in putting a total of 04 climbers on top of Nanga Parbat. 03 Expeditions have returned without success.

Austrian Nanga Parbat. Mr. Gerhard Wegmair.

Bulgarian Nanga Parbat. Mr. Nikolay Mihaylov Petkov.

Summiteers (08.07.2006)
Mr Nikolay Mihaylov Petkov (Leader)
Mr. Doychin Ventsislavov Boyanov

German Nanga Parbat. Mr. Rainer Pircher.
Summiteers (11.07.2006)
i) Mr Jose Antonio Delgado Sucre
Death of Mr Jose Antonio Delgado Sucre (Venezuela)

Japan Nanga Parbat. Mr. Fukuda Yasushi. Unsuccessful. Death of Mr Naotiro.

Korean Rock & Ice. Mr. Yu Jin Kyung.
Summiteers (08.07.2006)
Mr Koo Eun Soo

Romainian Nanga Parbat Rupal Face. Mr. Floricioiu Alexandru.

Spantik Peak (7027-M)

There were 08 Expeditions on Spantik Peak out of which 06 have returned successful by putting 30 climbers on the Summit. 02 Expeditions, one Spanish and one British have been reported unsuccessful. It has further been reported that one member of the German Expedition Ms Andrea Linckh lost her life near Camp-II on her way back from the summit.

Australia Spantik. Mr. Simon Yates.
Summiteers (26.07.2006)
Mr Simon Yates (Leader)
Mr Ian Smith
Mr Spephen Applieton
Mr Brenden Savage
Mr Anthony Schvck
Mr Martin Dumareso
Mr Mr Ali (Pakistan)
Mr Sikander (Pakistan)

Austria Spantik (Golden Throne). Mr. Gerhard Mossmer.
Mr. Mossmer (Leader) (30.07.2006)
Mr. Mitterer (30.07.2006)
Ms.Schmoltner (31.07.2006)
Mr. Kaltner (31.07.2006)
Mr. Mascher (31.07.2006)
Mr. Kostecka (31.07.2006)
Mr. Ebner (31.07.2006)
Mr. Koblmuller (30.07.2006)
Mr. Kolblinger (31.07.2006)

German Spantik. Mr. Uwe Kaufmann. Summiteers (31.08.2006)
Mr. Uwe Kaufmann (Leader)
Ms. Andrea Linckh
Mr. Detlef Weitz
Mr. Wolfgang Hill
One Death
Ms. Andre Linckh

Germany Diamer Spantik. Mr. Markus Walter.
Summiteers Spantik (12.09.2006)
Mr. Markus Walter (Leader)
Ms. Madlen Kind

Korea Spantik. Mr. Kim Young Sik.
Summiteers (19.07.2006)
Mr. Kim Young Sik (Leader)
Mr. Ra Kwan Jun
Mr. Min Jung Gi
Mr. Seok Hui Lee
Mr. Pema Tshiring Sherpa
Mr. Ahmad Hussain (Pakistan)

Spain Spantik. Mr. Francisco Javier Goni Lobera.

U.K. Jagged Globe Spantik. Mr. John Eames. Unsuccessful

UK Spantik. Mr Sean James.
Summiteers (22.08.2006)
Mr. Muhammad Ali (Pakistan)

Latok-III (6940-M)

Spanish climbers Alvaro Novellon and Oscar PerezSpanish climbers Alvaro Novellon and Oscar Perez
01 Expedition from Spain was launched on Latok-III, which has returned successful with both members reaching the summit.

Spain Latok III. Mr. Alvaro Novellon Casamian.
Summiteers (24.07.2006)
Mr.Alvaro Novellon Casamian (Leader)
Mr. Oscar Perez Javierre

Latok-II (7108-M)

Doug Chabot and Mark RicheyAmerican climbers Doug Chabot and Mark Richey led by Steve Swenson summited Latok II (7108m) on August 22, 2006.
Only one American Expedition led by Mr. Steve Swenson was launched on Latok-II, which has been successful in putting all 03 of its members on the summit of the Peak.

USA Latok-II. Mr Steve Swenson.
Summiteers (22.08.2006)
Mr Steve Swenson (Leader)
Mr Doug Chambot
Mr Mark Richey

Latok-I (7145 m)

Canadian Latok 1 and West K7. Mr. Maxime Turgeon.
USA Latok 1. Mr. Damian Benegas.

Gasherbrum-IV (7925 m)

German GB-IV. Mr. Michael Warthl.

Spanish GB-IV. Mr. Jorge Coromine Gaercia.

Kunyang Chish (7852 m)

Steve House & Vince AndersonKunyang Chhish East, South-West Face, attempt retreated 300m below the summit, with Vince Anderson

Canada Kuyang Chish. Mr. Raphael Slawinski.

Japan Khunyang Chhish. Mr. Tobita Kazuo.

USA Kuyang Chish (7852 m). Mr. Steven House.

Batura-II (7762 m)

Germany /Scotland Batura II. Dr. Bruce Normand.

Baintha Brak (7280 m)

Canadian Baintha Brakk. Mr. Jeff Relph.

Lupghar Sar (7200 m)

Korean Luphar Sar East Exped. Mr. Lee Bum Jee.

Masherbrum (7821-Meters)


Russian Masherbrum. Mr. Odintsov Alexander.

K-7 (6934-Meters)

Canadian and West K-7 & Latok-I. Mr. Maxime Turgeon.

British K-7 South West Ridge. Mr. David Roy Lampard.

Shispare (7611 m)

France Shisper. Mr. Jean Annequin.

Diran (7273 m)

Laszlo Voros (Hungary)Hungarian Laszlo Voros,He has previously summited Shisha, Cho Oyu and GII.

Hungary Tengerszem Diran. Mr. Laszlo Voros.
Slovenia Diran North Ridge. Mr. Irena Mrak.

Passu (7284 m)

France Passu Peak. Mr. Fournier Dominique.

Poland Passu Peak. Mr. Piotr Pawlus.

Raka Poshi (7788 )

Japan Rakaposhi. Mr. Ichiro Hosoda.

Ogre (7285 m)

USA Ogre & Latok-I. Mr. Damian Benegas.

Chogolisa (7665 m)

Austrian Chogolisa. Mr. Kronthaler Markus.
Spanish Chogolisa. Mr. Jordi Boschi Illeo.

British Chogolisa. Mr. Benjamin Peter Gready.


In 2006 no one can summit Gasherbrum-IV, Latok-I, Kunyang Chish, Batura-II, Bantha Brak, Lugpar Sar, Masherbrum, K-7, Shisper, Diran, Passu, Raka Poshi, Ogre and Chogolisa.

Total Number of Summiteers

In all 199 mountaineers of 40 Expeditions have been able to reach the summit of above mentioned 08 mountains.

S. No. Name of Peak Total No. of Expeditions Total No. of Members No. of Successful Expeditions No. of Summiteers
1. K-2 Choghori 07 57 02 04
2. Nanga Parbat 06 48 03 04
3. Broad Peak 14 98 06 21
4. Gasherbrum-I 07 56 03 09
5. Gasherbrum-II 21 209 18 126
6. Spantik 08 64 06 30
7. Latok-III 01 02 01 02
8. Latok-II 01 03 01 03
9. Gasherbrum-IV 02 04 -- --
10. Latok-I 02 04 -- --
11. Kunyang Chish 03 12 -- --
12. Batura-II 01 02 -- --
13. Baintha Brak 01 04 -- --
14. Lupghar Sar 01 04 -- --
15. Masherbrum 01 06 -- --
16. K-7 02 04 -- --
17. Shisper 01 10 -- --
18. Diran 02 08 -- --
19. Passu 02 12 -- --
20. Raka Poshi 01 01 -- --
21. Ogre 01 02 -- --
22. Chogolisa 03 17 -- --
Total 88 627 40 199


Pakistan mountains have kept 8 climbers this season - all except one - on the 8000+ peaks. Four died on K2, one on Broad Peak, two on Nanga Parbat and one on Spantik. On K2, an avalanche swept away four Russian climbers. On Nanga, one climber was caught in a storm on descent and another became lost between camp 2 and 3. On Broad Peak, a young climber died of exposure on descent from the summit, and on Spantik a lady climber also died of exposure on descent from summit.



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You are right,As you know that in Pakistan the Mountaineering season is from May to September,Now only three expedtion left on different 7000-M.


Ivona - Oct 7, 2007 9:44 am - Voted 10/10

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Thanks for your nice comments.
No one has applied yet for Winter Expedition,
As you know that Ministry of Tourism has reduced the royalty,
5% royalty fee only on all Peaks during winter season (December - February).

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BigLee - Oct 9, 2007 5:29 pm - Hasn't voted

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A point I would make is that a lot of the more interesting ascents (at least in my opinion!) of smaller peaks are missing, presumably because they did not need climbing permits. Most of these teams climbed in considerably better style than many of those listed and there were quite a few first ascents (I made 2 or 3 myself!). One of the best examples is the ascent of the north face of Uli Biaho Tower which was very impressive and definately more so than any Jagged Globe outing. Also, Baintha Brakk and the Ogre are the same peak.

Karrar Haidri

Karrar Haidri - Oct 10, 2007 11:22 am - Hasn't voted

Re: Good info

Dear Big Lee
Thanks for your Good Remarks.
You are an authority of mountains in Northern Area of Pakistan specially the peaks situated in Shimshal and Hunza,
As you know last year Government of Pakistan has announced that the Peaks upto 6500m during 2007 will be absolutely open to climb. No royalty fee will be charged and during briefing in Alpine Club of Pakistan they brief as trekkers and some time they didn’t mentioned their peak where they want to climb and it is difficult to us to mentioned their achievement, I will try to my best to collect the record of those mountaineers who climbed below 6500-M peaks during 2007 like Uli Biaho Tower etc.
Thanks for your point.


hundy - Oct 9, 2007 9:31 pm - Voted 10/10

Very Well done

Thank you for putting all this informaton together, I found it very interesting. I enjoyed reading it. I do have one question. What is like to travel, or what is it like for an american to travel to Pakastan? Is there any Danger as far as being a American in a Muslim Country near Afghanastan?
Thank you.

Karrar Haidri

Karrar Haidri - Oct 10, 2007 8:27 pm - Hasn't voted

Re: Very Well done

Dear hundy,Thanks for all the nice comments!
It has just been advertised by media so badly that people think it is so bad but in fact it is as safe as your home town. Pakistani people are moderate Muslims and every religion is accepted here. In media some time written by those who have never visited the country themselves. They seem to mix Afghanistan with Pakistan.
Pakistan is absolutely different country then Afghanistan and Iraq,I does not foresee any problems arising for visiting climbers, Pakistan is as safe as it ever was and we not only expects previous visitors to return, but for new visitors to come as well. Visiting climbers are very important to Pakistan and its Tourism department, Northern Area of Pakistan is a heaven for Climbers.


codelancer - Oct 31, 2007 7:10 am - Voted 10/10


"Patron Inchief Brig Amir Gulistan Janjua gave a Shield to Karrar Haidri - ExplorersWeb's Representative in Islamabad - for his services provided at Alpine Club of Pakistan!

Karrar was elected honorary member of the Club by Media Coordinator Mr. Janjua who also honored other members for their services provided during the tenure of the Executive Council. "

Karrar, thanks you for your work ! This is very important for all climbers.

Karrar Haidri

Karrar Haidri - Nov 1, 2007 10:20 am - Hasn't voted

Re: Congrats!

Thank you very much.


ghazighulamraza - Jan 4, 2008 3:10 am - Voted 10/10

Nice information

Thanks for sharing such information to SP members, very good.

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