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Brittany, France, Europe
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Roc Trevezel
Created On: Mar 11, 2005
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The Roc Trevezel is the highest peak in Brittany and provides spectacular panoramic views of most of the peninsula from it's summit. I sort of hesitated to add this peak because of the World class climb criterion, but despite its modest height, and easy accessible climb, it is a worthy mountain because of its distinction as the highest peak of this famous region.
When most people think of Britanny, they think more of rugged sea cliffs than they think of mountains and in this sense Trezevel is somewhat of an anomaly. The mountain consists of rugged rocky outcroppings (they might be volcanic, I don't enough about geology) that rise out of what would otherwise be a very mellow hill. This is very characteristic of the mountains of the area, The Black Mountains, that make up the spine of Brittany.
The view from the top is unique in that it's one of the rare places in Brittany, where you can barely see the ocean and it seems very far away. There are no trees, and scrubby vegetation on the wind whipped summit, and it seems alot more alpine than it is. Around you are mountains that look alot bigger than they really are that eventually dissolve into the rolling farmlands that lead to the coast. The whole area is pretty special and a worthy outing if you are in the region.

Getting There

The mountain is very easy of access being only a short quarter mile hike from the parking lot on the side of the D 785 road. This is the major road that goes between the towns of Chateaulin and Morlaix. The parking area is clearly signed off the side of the road. The hike to the summit leads up the mellow barren slopes to the craggy summit ridge. The actual summit is an indiscriminate point along the ridge.

Red Tape

There are no permits or fees that I am aware of.

When To Climb

Due to the easy nature of the mountain it can be climbed pretty much year round. However, its proximity to the coast makes it susceptible to storms, so you might be cold in winter. Also ice might form on the summit crags in winter. No extra equipment other than warm clothes would be needed, just make sure you take you precautions.


I don't think so, although i'm not sure about this one.

Mountain Conditions

Because it proximity to the coast, the mountain is especially susceptible to nasty weather. When we were up there in July, it was pretty windy and we were actually cold. Also, because of the elevation and the lack of trees, you would be very exposed to lightning strikes. Just make sure you don't ignore the weather.


Roc Trevezel

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