Ryanair flight from Montpellier to Charleroi

Ryanair flight from Montpellier to Charleroi

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Similarly to my first plane album "Girona to Wrocław", here are some new Alps shots taken at the moment during when the Ryanair flight from Montpellier to Charleroi passed near the Alps.
I missed the beginning as my son was crying and needed attention, but I started to take shots as we passed the Vercors. I identified also the Chartreuse and the Jura, as well as something that could be the Lake Léman, but I'm just over zero when it comes about all the rest.

Since the other album proved to be very succesful amongst SP members who well identified all peaks, help is again highly welcome for this new challenge :) Barrys already identified most of them, but some are remaining !


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