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spellbinder - Nov 3, 2005 6:49 am

Route Climbed: from Five Lake challet via Swistowa Czuba, Morskie Oko challet and Czarny Staw Date Climbed: 17 september 2004  Sucess!

long but very successful day, while we were going up, a stone avalanche caused by some previous climbers fell onto us, we reached the top stright at noon.

Tomek Lodowy

Tomek Lodowy - Sep 29, 2005 7:42 am

Route Climbed: From Vaha Pass Date Climbed: 11th August 2004  Sucess!

After sleeping in Chata Pod Rysmi chalet (Wysoka ascent the day before) ,morning climb to the summit of Rysy ,wonderful sunny weather and incredible views ,lots of people climbing Rysy that day from both Polish and Slovak side ,descent to fields over Bula Pod Rysami on Polish side and late afternoon ascent on Niznie Rysy peak (planned bivouac in a nearby cave there) .

Tomek Lodowy

Tomek Lodowy - Sep 29, 2005 7:35 am

Route Climbed: From Ceska Valley to Waga Pass and Rysy Date Climbed: 30th July 2001  Sucess!

No doubt the most interesting of all my Rysy ascents .

The long route to the peak led from border crossing at Lysa Polana through whole beatiful Belovodska Valley(thunderstorm stopped me for 1 1/2 h in the forests near Polana Pod Wysoka ,soaked to the skin...) and its upper floor of Ceska Valley with Zmrzle Pleso (gorgeous surrounding!) ,from there horribly exhausting climb by enormous scree slope and steep rocks to Vaha Pass under Rysy ,16.37 on the summit ,very long descent to Morskie Oko with wounded and bleeding feet ...after 21 pm at Palenica ...thank God succesfull hitchhiking back to Zakopane .

Tomek Lodowy

Tomek Lodowy - Sep 29, 2005 7:13 am

Route Climbed: From Morskie Oko Date Climbed: 14th August 1999  Sucess!

While ascending ,rocks flying dangerously close to crowdy route ,cloudy weather .

Tomek Lodowy

Tomek Lodowy - Sep 29, 2005 7:07 am

Route Climbed: From Popradske Pleso (Slovak side) Date Climbed: 10th August 1997  Sucess!

A bit monotonous route but nice weather and views reward fatigue of the hike


dalton1 - Sep 13, 2005 7:21 am

Route Climbed: From Popradské pleso /Sk/ Date Climbed: September, 2004.  Sucess!

I climbed with my father and we were very fast so we have climbed only a few hours! We had to be fast because we started our jouney at 4 o'clock am from Hungary and we had to go back on the same day. The top is very crowded!


dalton1 - Sep 13, 2005 6:57 am

Route Climbed: From Popradské pleso /Sk/ Date Climbed: July 28, 2005.  Sucess!

We had a beautiful and very hot weather, but there was still some snow, I was climbing with two girls. We reached the summit just in time! Wonderful clear sky we could see the whole High Tatras, great view! Comeing down we drank hot wine and slovakian beer, both are very fine, congratulations for them!

The girl at Chata pod Rysmi who gave us the drinks was also very beautiful!


dmiki - Aug 30, 2005 7:55 am

Route Climbed: Slovak side Date Climbed: 27 Aug 2005  Sucess!

Quite a crowd on top and en route (as usual) coming both from the Slovak and Polish sides, despite rather poor weather and visibility.


BostonPete - Aug 24, 2005 4:03 pm

Route Climbed: Polish side Date Climbed: May 27  Sucess!

Climbed with my brother in beautiful weather


althegreek - Jul 12, 2005 6:28 pm

Route Climbed: polish side Date Climbed: june 2004  Sucess!

summited solo in 4 hours from lake in a bad storm. nice hard pack snow all the way up. ice smeared on rocks at top, made the last bit interesting.

Thomas Gurviez

Thomas Gurviez - May 16, 2005 8:00 am

Route Climbed: through the polish way Date Climbed: 05/04/05  Sucess!

I had to give up at 1800 m. because of the strong rain and the correlated avalanche hazard

interesting mountain range, still very snowy in the beginning of may

Tomek Lodowy

Tomek Lodowy - Jan 23, 2005 5:25 am

Route Climbed: From Morskie Oko Date Climbed: 15 August 1996  Sucess!

It was great feeling to climb Rysy in first ever Tatra season ,good weather conditions .


The highest point of Poland and the highest tourist accesible (legally by marked route ,without guide) peak of Tatra Mountains .

By the good weather ,incredible view of High Tatras (panorama of 100 peaks and 12 lakes!) from end to end ,east to west ...not to describe ...

Polish route definetely more demanding than slovakian one(no serious difficulties by dry rock) and horribly tiring ,great scenery .

Andrzej Gibasiewicz

Andrzej Gibasiewicz - Mar 18, 2004 4:39 pm

Route Climbed: from Morskie Oko Date Climbed: ~ July 1967  Sucess!

Climbed mostly in fog. Occasionally views of Zabi Kon, Ganek and Vysoka. Observed a big rock avalanche near the wall of Kazalnica.


Lud - Jun 16, 2003 6:27 am

Route Climbed: Slovakian trail Date Climbed: Aug 1999  Sucess!

I climbed the peak with my wife (her highest summit til now). Unfortunately there was some kind of party in the Rysy hut, so we went down in a hurry, and arrived in dark to the valley.

Tomas Kristofory

Tomas Kristofory - Nov 13, 2002 4:27 am

Route Climbed: red trail from slovakian side Date Climbed: september, 30. ,2001  Sucess!

I ascended this peak, which summit lies on

the Slovak-Polish border with 2 my friends in

bad weather. Because the fog we couldn´t see

any other peaks. Most of the time it rained. It was

a great experience for me.


JScoles - Feb 7, 2002 8:35 am

Route Climbed: Normal Hiking Trail from Slovak Side Date Climbed: May 3~4?? 1990  Sucess!

Some snow still about but a nice 1/2 day hike to the top. There was no wind that day so smog levels were very bad and one could harly see over to Gerlach but nice none the less.

Also I could not go over to the Polish summit as I had no visa for Poland. I would be up there the one day a month when a boarder gaurd was about.

Just a side note:

Smog was a very bad problem in this range when I first whent there in the early 90s but it actually has improved quite alot in the past few years with the use of natural gas for heating instead of coal.


Jacek - Apr 14, 2001 7:50 am

Route Climbed: Red Hiking Trail from the Polish side Date Climbed: 1988  Sucess!

Cloudy day, no view, but still felt great on the highest point in my country.

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