Legend says that once Mururata and Illimani got in a fight - after a long struggle Illimani was able to decapitate Mururata - his head got hacked off with such power that it flew over almost the whole Altiplano - and only came to rest far out in the deserts of the west - to form what is today Bolivia's highest peak!

A less lyrical explanation - Sajama is an old vulcano, dormant since 15.000 years

The summit of the Sajama was the location of the world's highest football (soccer) game ever, between mountain guides from Sajama and La Paz!

In 2007 the Bolivian president Evo Morales was playing a (short) game with his staff at 5700 m in protest against the FIFA's decision to ban all qualification games for the World Cup in cities higher than 2800 m (Bolivia's national teams only hope up to now was that its opponents would be out of breath at the Siles stadium in La Paz - at 3600 m)


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