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Location Lat/Lon: 40.99133°N / 115.75208°W
Additional Information County: Elko
Additional Information Elevation: 7522 ft / 2293 m
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Sherman Peak route viewOn route to Sherman Peak.

Sherman Peak is located in the Adobe Range, 11 miles north of Elko in northeastern Nevada. With an elevation of 7,522 feet and a prominence of 512 feet, Sherman Peak probably doesn’t command too much attention. It is, however, a notable local peak whose distinct pyramid shape when viewed from Elko is eye-catching. I believe the namesake of this peak is the Civil War Union General William Tecumseh Sherman.

The Adobe Range, in my opinion, is very underrated in the local area, overshadowed by the popular Ruby Mountains. It is a minor mountain range of typical sagebrush steppe vegetation, trending in a general north-south direction. Most of the Adobes are a checkerboard of public (Bureau of Land Management) and private lands. This pattern is attributed to the Pacific Railway Act of 1862, where the federal government gave railroad companies free land in alternating sections as an incentive and a means to finance the overwhelming task of linking east with west by rail.

Both the driving and hiking routes will take you through the public-private checkerboard, and while the summit itself is not situated on public lands, access is not an issue at this time. Please be sure to always treat the lands, regardless of ownership, with respect.

The Adobe Range is home to one of the largest wintering antelope herds in the state, so there is a very good possibility of seeing antelope here if you come before the vegetation dries in the summer heat and the antelope migrate north. This area is also habitat for mule deer and other species of wildlife.

There’s a triangulation station marker at the summit, which is devoid of a cairn and summit log. I should start packing a log just in case! There are good views of the surrounding area from the top, but especially to the northeast and southwest through the Adobe Range.

Sherman Peak from access roadSherman Peak from access road.
Sherman Peak triangulation station markerTriangulation station marker.
Sherman Peak summit view Summit view.

Getting There

Sherman Peak from access roadSherman Peak access road.

Take the Osino interchange (exit 310) just east of Elko. Head northwest on Victoria Blvd. For a short distance then turn and head northeast on Paiute Ave. for about 0.6 miles. Turn left and head north on Apache Ave.; this road will veer left in a northwest direction for a short distance, then veer right to head north again. When on the north side of Jackstone Creek, head west and then northwest.

The subdivisions of Osino are largely undeveloped and consist mostly of trailers and double-wide manufactured homes. As you follow these directions, stay on the roads that seem to be the most traveled and in the best condition. If you see the large white two-story home on the right side of the road on the north end of Osino, you’re on track.

As you continue northwest through Jackstone Canyon, you will see Sherman Peak to the west. After passing Sherman Peak to the north, turn left onto the 4WD road and head south towards Sherman Peak for about 1.4 miles, where you can park on the saddle.

The total driving distance from the Osino interchange is about 11 miles. The roads are in good condition through Osino and the majority of the route. Still, I recommend 4WD and high clearance, which will be necessary in the latter part of the route.

Please refer to these topo maps.

Sherman Peak access route (1/2)Route map 1 of 2.
Sherman Peak access route (2/2)Route map 2 of 2.


The route to Sherman Peak is simple and straightforward. Although there is no trail, this is a non-technical bushwhack-free route….Class 1 and maybe some light Class 2 depending on how to approach the summit. From the starting point, just head south along the ridgeline towards your objective. There are a couple of points along the route that obstruct the view of Sherman, but the route is still obvious.

Midway through the route, you’ll ascend the slope of a prominent point. The best route is to pass to the right of this point by following along the range fence. As you approach the top of the slope, you’ll see another prominence to the south. This is not Sherman’s summit, which is a bit further south.

This route is 3.2 miles roundtrip with a net elevation gain of 223 feet. Total gross elevation gain is 840 feet (530 feet on ascent and 310 feet on descent).

Sherman Peak route viewRoute view 1.
Sherman Peak route viewRoute view 2.
Nearing the summit of Sherman PeakRoute view 3.


BLM Surface Management Status Quad (1:100K scale) – Elko and Double Mountain
Order through BLM at 775-753-0200 or online

Red Tape

BLM regulations apply. The driving route requires the use of public access roads through private lands; please stay on the access roads.


There are no developed campgrounds in the area. Dispersed camping on BLM land is permitted at no cost for a maximum of 14 days at the same location.

Food & Lodging

Services are available nearby in Ryndon (4 miles to the east) or Elko (8 miles to the west).

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hgrapid - Jul 26, 2010 12:34 am - Hasn't voted

Location: 640670

I think you meant to put Location: Nevada


rayray - Jul 26, 2010 1:44 am - Hasn't voted

Re: Location: 640670

Thanks, Dan...."cut and paste" got the best of me!

Bradagain - May 28, 2013 4:08 pm - Hasn't voted

Location: 640670

FYI: The Sherman Peak in Nevada I know of is in Nye county, NV., west of Berlin-Ichthyosuar St. Park - about 250 mi. SW of Elko. I've been by there and verified the location on Nevada DOT 2011-2012 Official Hwy Map. Possible there is another Sherman Peak near Elko - there are 2 Bunker Hills on the Nv. DOT Hwy map - one in Toiyabe range, near Austin, NV. (I've hiked), and another 35 mi. SW of Elko :).

lanewman - Jul 29, 2013 2:18 am - Hasn't voted

Sherman Mountain

Yes, Bradagain is correct. I believe that this is technically Sherman Mountain not Sherman Peak.

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