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Mazichal Village

The cave is located beside Sichkhani(Sechkhoni) old village on the north. The elevation is 2238 meters beside the enterance, Which is exactly the elevation that the forest ends in this part of the mountain.

The Cave

Sichkhani 2
Sichkhani 1

Right at the enterance you go down for two meters and then after 12 meters in a steep mudy way in a very tight passage there is a 6 meter deep tunnel which can be passed by using the rocks around. 3 Meters after the tunnel the cave devides to two branches. The left one is 17 meters and the right one, 15 meters. Both are very tight and don’t worth going inside.
The whole length of the cave is about 35 meters only. It has just a few stalegtites and a flowstone inside the left branch. We have to locate and explore all the caves in Tonekabon so we had to take a look at this one either to see if the stories between the locals were true or not, well they were not!

Getting There

View of Tonekabon(Shahsavar) from Mazichal.

After going to Abbas Abad and then to Kelardasht you should turn right to Mazichal road before Hasankif. The road goes toward west to the beautiful village of Mazichal, a greaqt place for taking panorama photos of the sea and mountain.
The distance from Tonekabon to Abbas Abad is about 20 kilometers and then you have 46 more kilometers to pass before getting to Mazichal. The last few kilometers of the way is dirtroad and a little hard to pass from the middle of fall.

The Route

Mazichal Road

After going west from Mazichal for about 30 minutes you will get to Shoorzamin sheperd houses and toward south you should descend Mermereh slopes and get to the bottom of the valley to Mermereh Mianrood river.
All the way from Mermereh to the cave there are great views of Mt Korma and Mt Jemerd on the route. And also great views of Takht-e-Soleyman Massif north ridgeline on some parts of the route.

The virgin land

Mt Jemerd

The areas after Mazichal are still virgin and we could see footprints of bears and leopards everywhere. This is a very good thing to see these days. Who knows how long they will last?!!!