Sideline, 5.9

3rd Pitch- 75’- 5.9/ Chimney out left through the narrow slot to a finger crack at the opposite end of the chimney. There is a small foot ledge if you are skinny enough to drop down a bit. You can also scramble up and left onto the top of the block that forms the chimney with the wall. Climb the finger crack and follow it as it bends right towards the top and another belay ledge. Fix belay with 1”-3” gear. The holds on this wall, even the varnished ones, are still coming off. Climb with care, keeping balance. This route does not get climbed often if at all. (photo)
Sideline, 5.9, 4 Pitches, Lower Solar Slab, Oak Creek Canyon, Red Rocks, NV, February, 2009


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