Sierra El Cocuy

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Sierra El Cocuy
Created On: Jan 12, 2006
Last Edited On: May 23, 2011

Sierra Nevada del Cocuy, Guicán y Chita

The National Park of El Cocuy and Guican is located at the north of the Cordillera Oriental, with an extension of 306.000 ha along the provinces of Boyacá (municipies of Cubará, Chiscas, El espino, Guican, El Cocuy and Chita), Arauca (Tame) and Casanare (La Salina and Sacamá). Depending of each part of the park and its own conditions, it has been determinated the use of the land and the resourses. At the east of the park, where the rivers of Arauca and Casanare born and flow down to the llanos orientales, it can be found four ecosystems between 500 and 5330 meters, low tropical forest, cloud forest, páramo and superpáramo. Due to the absense of accesing routes to these area has produced high rates of conservation. At the north east of the park, the U'WA indians live in an area of 100.000 ha where the natural conditions of the ecosystems are protected by these group as well as their culture. The west part is a little bit drier due to the warm winds originating from the Cañón del Chicamocha. The park has more than 20 snow-covered tips, lakes formed from glaciars, páramos (endemic ecosystem of the ecuador), great diversity of animals and plants. Interested sites. Snow - covered tips (Ritacubas, Pan de Azúcar, El Castillo, y el Púlpito del Diablo); lakes (Los Verdes, Laguna Grande de la Sierra, La Isla, La Plaza y el Avellanal. More info: Unidad Administrativa Especial del Sistema de Parques Nacionales Naturales Ministerio de Ambiente, Vivienda y Desarrollo Territorial Santa Fe de Bogotá: Oficina de atención a visitantes Carrera 10 N. 20-30 piso 4. Teléfonos: 2431634 - 2433095 Fax: 2434174 El Cocuy (Boyacá) Telefax: (987) 890359


El Parque Nacional Natural del Cocuy, Chita y Güican se encuentra localizado al norte de la Cordillera Oriental. Tiene una extensión de 306.000ha que se extienden sobre los departamentos de Boyacá (municipios de Cubará, Chiscas, El Espino, Guican, El Cocuy y Chita) y Arauca (Tame)

Laguna Grande de La Sierra - Zona Sur Occidental

Laguna Grande de la SierraLaguna de la Sierra (4400msnm)


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Sierra El Cocuy

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