Snowy Merced River Tree Reflection

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Exposed this 4x5 sheet of Provia 100F with my 90mm Nikkor at about EV12.8 March 1, 2007 in Yosemite Valley, a day after the second of two unusually cold storms had accumulated about 18 inches of snow on the valley floor. The snow level on the second storm had been a very low 1500 feet in the Sierra or well below the 4000 foot elevation in this scene leaving 7 inches by dawn about my Moss Outland where I tented in Camp 4. This winter of 2006/2007 had been very dry until recently so all stream flows including here on the Merced River have been low. Thus with a rare chance of finding a good reflection, I sought out a river area that tends to be calmer when water levels are low and that also would be out of the harsh late morning sun due to the nearby high cliffs. Then tramped out along the river edge in my snowshoes until finding a nice combination of pines, firs, and oaks on the far side still heavily laden with snow on every branch and twig.

David Senesac


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