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boisedoc - Apr 7, 2007 3:04 am Date Climbed: Jun 15, 1996

great views  Sucess!

a bit of a slog on snow up the south side but great views from the top


vcrewpc06 - Mar 26, 2007 3:27 am Date Climbed: Aug 8, 2003

South Ridge from Moraine Lake  Sucess!

I climbed South Sister back in my days of Boy Scouts as part of a fifty-miler. We camped at Moraine lake our third night, and got up before sunrise and climbed on our "rest" day. Beautiful day. The views to the north and east were impaired by the 20,000 ft smoke columns produced by that summers forest fires. Impressive sight.


donhaller3 - Mar 5, 2007 8:23 am Date Climbed: Sep 12, 1998

A face in the crowd  Sucess!

Mike and I walked up to Moraine Lake and camped. Headlamps going up the ridge above at 3:00am We left at sunrise. Nothing to add. Lots of people, all pretty well behaved. Very smoggy on both sides. This is a straightforward trail walk in good weather this time of year.

highice - Feb 8, 2007 5:37 pm

prouty glacier, spring  Sucess!

on the way home from another climb, we saw this peak and haven't not climbed it yet, decided to do so. picked a nice line up (found out later it was the prouty). since it was spring, we found ice flows (WI 2-3)over the cliffs so opted to do them as a variation. thawing conditions were causing lots of ice fall in the upper sections of the ice gully above the cliffs and rockfall across the glacier on the descent. like turning our backs to a firing squad!


rweave - Jan 29, 2007 6:31 pm Date Climbed: Aug 11, 1990

South Ridge  Sucess!

Summitted with my friend Pete and his family. This was the first time I hiked anything above 3K ft, so even as a third grader, I was elated to make it to the top. I must go back to appreciate.

Matthew Holliman

Matthew Holliman - Dec 1, 2006 3:16 am Date Climbed: Jun 3, 2006

South Ridge  Sucess!

With Bob and Rick. Cold, no views, and not much of a climb either. This was the first peak of a generally disappointing road trip (thanks first to bad weather, then some painful tendonitis in my knee) to the OR Cascades.


hiway99w - Oct 22, 2006 2:50 pm

Via Green Lakes  Sucess!

Hiked to the summit of South Sister in September 1977 while in high school and camping at Green Lakes with a group of friends. It was a clear day when we started but a cloud enveloped the summit as we reached it and we were in white out conditions so there were no summit views. Didn't get too disoriented and I managed to find and touch the summit register but didn't take time to sign it (my friends said this meant the climb didn't count). As soon as we were barely off the summit the clouds cleared off.


whaynal - Oct 4, 2006 2:19 am Date Climbed: Jul 23, 2006

Devil's Lake  Sucess!

First mountain out of California. Climbed with my Uncle in the middle of a three-state mountain climbing tour. Great view of the sunrise over Brokentop on the way.

Dennis Poulin

Dennis Poulin - Sep 22, 2006 9:27 pm Date Climbed: Aug 19, 1999

Devil's Lake Route  Sucess!

I enjoyed this climb. Lots of people to talk with. Great views.

2skinners - Sep 3, 2006 1:31 am Date Climbed: Aug 30, 2006

Summitted  Sucess!

Did this one solo. Have been wanting to do it for a long time, but things kept coming up. Glad to have it done. Great views, with neat cloud cover. Boy the weather changes fast up there.


cmc56789 - Aug 30, 2006 6:50 am Date Climbed: Aug 24, 2006

South Sister in August  Sucess!

I did this one a fourth time, but for the first time without requiring crampons or snowshoes, and also th efirst time not losing my way between the trailhead and the base of the mountain. Very interesting to see what this volcano looks like without snow. Also very cool to finally see the bright blue Teardrop Pool in the summit crater. View form McLoughlin to Hood even with forest fires burning. Pretty smoky in the Black Butte vicinity. Saw about twenty other hikers and three or four dogs.

NickyP - Aug 24, 2006 12:34 pm Date Climbed: Aug 21, 2006

South ridge from Devils Lake  Sucess!

I had great time and I liked how the geology kept changing from the forest to the alpine meadows to the color change of the rock. The view was hazy and couldn't see well past the North Sister but still a worthwhile climb.

Luke Morris

Luke Morris - Aug 23, 2006 12:19 am Date Climbed: Aug 20, 2006

Are you serious?  Sucess!

This climb for me was hard. Just when I thought I was the strongest man alive, I looked over and saw a 60 year old women. I was in awe of her level of drive and commitment to climb this Goliath. What an amazing person she was, I think this was the highlight of the climb for me. That and when the crazy guy jumped in Tear Drop Lake.
Thanks South Sister, now I am addicted!


jnaleway - Aug 20, 2006 4:46 am Date Climbed: Aug 11, 2006

Skree Sliding  Sucess!

We climbed South Sister last weekend. It was my son, Mike's, first ascent, and the weather was perfect. We left at about 8 AM from the trailhead at Devil's Lake and took the south summit trail from the campground's North Parking Lot. Watch out for many mosquitos at the lake, but once up above the first crest, and onto the plateau, the view of South Sister was fabulous and the bugs were gone. I noticed much less snow than in years past in the glaciers on the south face, so bring plenty of water for the trip up. But the crater was full of snow and also many colored butterflies joined us while we scrambled up the red skree field slope to the top. We reached the top at about noontime. The trip down was very dusty, and we basically slid our way down on the skree, so it only took us about 3 hours to get back to the car. All in all, a beautiful day in the High Cascades together.

One last note - all the way down we were dreaming of burgers and ribs and lemonade at our favorite spot in Sisters, Oregon; Bronco Billy's at the Sisters Hotel, about 30 minutes away on Hwy. 20. We may make it a traditional "after-climbing" hangout. I would recommend it.


Turbo - Aug 14, 2006 2:00 am Date Climbed: Jul 20, 2006

Route Hiked: South Ridge  Sucess!

Had a good time hiking up the trail to the top of this big mountain. I had thought that it would be more difficult than it was, but I believe I could have left my hiking boots at home and gone in my Crocs (well maybe not quite). Anyway, it was a really nice, easy climb.

lakenyon - Aug 5, 2006 6:12 am Date Climbed: Jun 28, 2006

South Ridge from Devils Lake  Sucess!

The wind on the ridge was incredibly strong and I had a hard time keeping blowing debris out of my eyes. Other than that, it was a pleasant outing.


BSPclimber - Aug 2, 2006 5:20 am

Green lakes to South ridge Date climbed: July 1987  Sucess!

Went with a Mazamas group. Camped in green lakes area. This was my first 10,000er, felt the altitude. First glissade on way down.


awilsondc - Jul 31, 2006 5:17 am Date Climbed: Jul 28, 2006

Route Climbed: Green Lakes variation via Todd Lake TH  Sucess!

A very long day (18 miles) and a very strenuous hike up the west gully from the Green Lakes. Especially difficult after summiting Broken Top the night before, but well worth it. From the summit we got a great view of The Black Crater Fire from the summit. After the hike back down the south ridge to the trail at the bright blue lake, we glissaded our way back to the Green Lakes area. This was by far the longest (2 miles or so!) and most enjoyable glissade of my life! Very very fun trip!


thundercloud - Jul 24, 2006 3:32 pm Date Climbed: Jul 22, 2006

South Ridge  Sucess!

Most snow has melted off route; reached snow 3/4 mile in and then had patches on the way up. Skitters are now in full force and horrid for first couple miles. During our descent, we came upon a terrified 8 year old boy who had wandered down trail alone, 700 feet of elevation and over 1/2 mile, away from his family. Our party found him and waited while I hiked back up to inform the family. A simple hike/climb, but some strange things can still happen. 4th time on summit.


oregonrpa - Jul 6, 2006 8:43 pm Date Climbed: Jun 25, 2006

South side route from Devils Lake  Sucess!

Left Devils Lake at 3:30 am under clear skies. Trail not visible due to snow, but followed general route using topo map without trouble. Summited at 7am and had the top to myself for the entire hour before descending. Beautiful day with clear skies, very little wind, and warm temps, not to mention a lack of crowds. Met about 15-20 people making the ascent on my way down. Would recommend doing this climb early in the year and early in the day if you want to avoid crowds. Snow up until Lewis Glacier, but no technical gear required. Back at truck by 10am to round out a worthwhile trek.

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