Southeast Ridge and East Face of Picture Peak.

Not as scenic, this side of Picture Peak was at least accessible to this scrambler who had no illusions about his climbing skills. The route I took goes along what I called Southeast Ridge. I found no mention of this route anywhere except maybe in Clydascope's picture attached to the main page. I would rate it as class 4 although it is not sustained class 4 by any means. I found it to be harder than Rock Route on Clyde Minaret and somewhat easier than North Ridge on Independence. I had to make a few class 5 moves although they might not have been necessary. The rigde tops out to the east of main peak. One has to descend into the chute at the top of the ridge and climb up to the Southwest side for easy class 3 to the summit. Don't take the chute you traversed on the decsent. It is very loose and appears to have a couple of cliffs that might not be easy to negotiate on the way down. I descended on Southwest side of the peak.
Picture Peak. California. October 22, 2007. 12:30 pm.


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