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Spooky Hikes
Created On: Dec 20, 2007
Last Edited On: Dec 20, 2007

Spooky places

I've been on a few hikes where I happened upon some spooky places that made me feel very vulnerable. There were various reasons for these feelings of vulnerability. Once, hiking in the Standing Indian Basin and heading for a waterfall, I just suddenly had the impression that I was being watched. I can't say why...it was just a feeling. Here are some spooky places where my hikes have taken me:

I took this one at The Jumpoff, a vast cliff face on Mount Kephart. It was very early in the morning (I'd started my hike in the dark)and the fog was hanging heavy. I looked up amidst the trees and snapped this photo.

Approaching the JumpoffKephart

Several times in my many hikes I've gotten lost. Not lost as in turned around on the trail, but lost as in there was no trail anymore. This has always happened to me in red spruce forests. There's something about the uniformity of a red spruce forest that messes up my sense of direction. It's my kryptonite.

Spruce ForestRed spruce

Back in 2004 when I was first trying to hit all of the old growth hemlock groves before they became extinct, I was hiking in the famed Boogerman Grove in the Great Smokies. I had stopped to rest and as I lay on the ground I noticed a faint trail leading up into the woods. Curious, I decided to follow it. It led into a very small clearing with weird little rocks sticking out of the ground. It only took a few seconds to realize that they were graves. After taking a couple of shots I just felt kind of creepy and backtracked to the main trail. I've been back three times but have been unable to locate this place again.


While hiking to see this waterfall...

Mooney FallsMooney Falls

...I used this trail to access it. Walking along, I suddenly felt the hairs on the back of my neck prickle. Gooseflesh went up my spine. I looked around, but never saw anything. However, as the light was fading, I did pick up the pace to get the hell out of there.


This is a bright and sunny photo, but I had to ford this stream in Panthertown Valley during a time when I was probably the only person in that 7K-acre preserve. This was above a waterfall and the water was swift. I just felt very alone as I took off my boots to ford the creek, worrying about getting across and wondering what would happen if I didn't...

FordFord, Panthertown.

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McCannster - Dec 22, 2007 11:51 am - Voted 10/10

great album Bob

I live for the creepy stuff! Around here, we got abandoned tunnels, abandoned air force stations, "ancient trails" that lead to some crazy places that you've described. They're especially creepy when the SF fog comes rolling in. Even in the Sierras, when the wind goes howling through those pine trees and you look up and see them swaying in the wind...AMAZING (and pretty scary). Nice job man! I also love that gravesite. Excellent find!


BobSmith - Dec 22, 2007 5:51 pm - Hasn't voted

Re: great album Bob

Thanks! I've hiked the Boogerman Trail three times since, and I can't for the life of me recall how to get to that gravesite. Next time I go I'm going to ask one of the rangers.

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Spooky Hikes

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