Stogovo peaks - March 2011

Stogovo peaks - March 2011

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Stogovo peaks - two days adventure

Small group of nine mountaineers from Skopje - Macedonia and from Begrade - Serbia - spent two days on beautiful slopes and peaks on Stogovo mountain - mountain in western part of Republic of Macedonia.
Start point to our ascents was village Gari - small and almost abandoned village on 1130m altitude - there is a small hut where you can sleep and prepare food. People in Gari are very friendly and willing to speak about old and reach tradition of people from this area.

First Day - Ostri Kamen, Krsiser, Osmanica, Golema Osmanica

Stogovo: Start from GariStart from village Gari

Stogovo: village GariVillage Gari

Stogovo: Krsiser rocksThe rocks under Krsiser peak

Stogovo: Climbing Ostri KamenUnder the rocks of Ostri Kamen peak

Stogovo: Under Ostri KamenUnder Ostri Kamen

Stogovo: On the rocks of Ostri KamenOn the rocks of Ostri Kamen

Stogovo: KrsiserKrsiser

Stogovo: Small peak near KrsiserSmall peak near Krsiser

Stogovo: Small peak near Krsiser

Stogovo: Clouds over our headsClouds over our heads

Stogovo: View toward Kanesh and Bik Doruk peaksView toward Kanesh and Bik Doruk peaks

Stogovo: Small lake under KrsiserSmall lake under Krsiser

Stogovo: Shepard s hutShepard's hut on Stogovo mountain

Stogovo: Crossing Garska riverCrossing Garska river

Second day - Causica, Bik Doruk, Kanesh

Stogovo: Early start on sundayEarly start on Sunday

Stogovo: Moon risingMoon rising over Krsiser

Stogovo: Going to the Mala OsmanicaGoing to Mala Osmanica

Stogovo: first view of big rocks of KaneshOn Mala Osmanica - first view of rocks on Kanesh peak

Stogovo: Climbing CausicaClimbing Causica

Stogovo: Climbing CausicaOn the steep slopes of Causica

Stogovo: The stone gateThe Stone Gate

Stogovo: The stone gateEntering Stone Gate

Stogovo: Stone Gate from the other sideStone Gate from the other side

Stogovo: Climbing up to Bik DorukClimbing to the Bik Doruk

Stogovo: On the way to Bik DorukOn the way to Bik Doruk

Stogovo: Turbulent skyTurbulent sky over our heads: Rapid change of sun, clouds, wind...

Stogovo: Beginning of Bik Doruk climbBeginning of climb the Bik Doruk peak

Stogovo: Bik Doruk climbClimbing the culoir under Bik Doruk

Stogovo: Bik Doruk climbLast few hundred meters below Bik Doruk

Stogovo: Bik Doruk climb

Stogovo: Bik DorukBik Doruk peak (2268m)

Stogovo: Bik DorukOur group on Bik Doruk peak

Stogovo: Bik Doruk - NorthRocks under Bik Doruk - North side

Stogovo: Bik Doruk - North WestBik Doruk rocks - North-West side

Stogovo: On Bik DorukMy friends on Bik Doruk peak

Stogovo: Clouds and snowClouds and snow over Bik Doruk

Stogovo: Bik Doruk - WestBik Doruk - West - deep below is part of Debar's lake

Stogovo: Bik Doruk - SouthBik Doruk - twin peak with same height (2268m) on South

Stogovo: Bik Doruk tween peakClimbing Bik Doruk second (twin) peak - 2068 m

Stogovo: Descending from Bik DorukDescending from Bik Doruk

Stogovo: Babin Srt peakView to Babin Srt peak (second peak on Stogovo mountain) - 2242m

Stogovo: Kanesh peakView from Kanesh peak - 2218m

Stogovo: Rocks of KaneshRocks of Kanesh peak

Stogovo: Stone GateGoing back between Stone Gate rocks

Stogovo: Going downDescending from Causica peak toward Mala Osmanica

Stogovo: Kanesh peakView to Kanesh peak from Mala Osmanica

Stogovo: Spring flowersSpring comes in lower parts of Stogovo mountain

Stogovo: Krsiser rocksRocks of Krsiser on afternoon light

Stogovo: View from GariOld house in Gari with Krsiser rocks behind


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