Storm Mountain Routes...

Storm Mountain Routes Overview Map
Trail, Class 1,Class 2, Class 3, White = Class 4, White X = cl.4 crux, Class 5+
Yellow climbing figures mark rock climbing areas. White figures mark ice climbing areas
A - Ferguson Canyon Trail
B - Northwest Ridge
C - West & SE Ridges
D - Northeast Couloir
E - Stairs Gulch
F - North Ridge - BF Twins
G - Broads Fork Trail - BF Twins
H - Robinson Couloir -BF Twins
I - Deaf Smith Canyon - N Fork - BF Twins
J - Hounds Tooth Ridge
K - Mule Hollow Trail
L - Storm Mtn - BF Twins Traverse

Information is a combination of personal experience, USGS topos, and route descriptions on SP. Route difficulties are interpreted and may not be accurate for routes not on SP. Please let me know if any additions or corrections are needed in the map or labeling.


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