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Since links change often and I could no more correct all my outdated links in dozens of publications, I decided to concentrate the most important links of Switzerland in this list. Please tell me if a link does not work anymore or if you know of another interesting link. Thank you!

Of course, everybody can use the Swiss Link!

Books, Maps, Webcams, Train and Bus

Books and maps can be bought from the Swiss Alpine Club. You can choose the German, French or Italian version. From this home page you can easily look at all the huts of SAC. Home page

If you want to be informed on the present conditions of some mountains or huts, there is an interisting blog. An excellent source of information of many aspects of mountaineering. Only in German or in the language of the author.

A similar blog is restricted to backcountry skiing If you want to learn something about the amount of snow and its quality, you will certainly get it here.

An excellent view of Switzerland with many webcams that can be looked at in the internet is here

This address gives you acces to over 500 webcams of the Swiss Alps. Usually they are either live or show the situation during the last 30 minutes. Same webcams as above, but differently approached and with webcams all over the world. Also in English and French.

You want to take the train or bus? If you have a credit card you can also print your train ticket. Language: en, dt, fr, it

For an excellent map. Choose language, place, peak or coordinates.

Weather, Avalanches

Look at the weather forecast of the official Swiss weather station. You can also see radar pictures, danger warnings etc. Languages: eng, dt, fr, it

If you also want to know something about road condition, Swiss news and much more look at Swissinfo Languages: en, dt, fr, it, sp, pt,chin,jap,arab.

If you want more details on humidity, wind, pressure
look at this Languages: eng, dt, fr, it, sp, pt

If you are interested in possible avalanches, I recommend the site of the Swiss Federal Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research Davos


It is advisable to take precautionary measures in case of accidents or getting lost. It is not enough to be insured for medical treatment but also for the rescue. The helicopter transport and the expenses of a rescue team can reach a considerable amount of money. The bill for a mountain rescue can amount to several ten thousand dollars. You should check if your insurance covers not only the hospital in a foreign country, but also the transport from the place of accident to the hospital. Even if that is covered you should inquire what happens if a rescue team has to fly you out of a dangerous situation without being wounded. Insurance companies usually do not pay in such a case.

For a yearly and modest contribution of sfr. 30.00 the Swiss rescue company REGA takes over the complete cost of rescue (flight to the hospital, first aid, rescue team in case of fog etc.) They are well trained for mountain rescue with helicopters, even at night. They have huge experience in overhanging rocks, crevasses and avalanches. REGA does not fly to the nearest hospital, but to the hospital that is best equipped for the diagnosed accident. And of course, they help you whenever life is in danger, even if you are not wounded. In case of fog or heavy wind, REGA might not fly, but they would still organize a rescue team.

For more information consult Swiss Rescue Service