Tatow Knob, Millard, Utah

Tatow Knob, Millard, Utah

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Recognized from all directions

In the House Range, north of Marjum Pass, Swasey Peak, Notch Peak, and a little-known Robbers Roost is the tall Tatow Knob at 8416 feet. It is easily seen and recognized from Delta, Hinckley, Oak City, Lynndyl, Pahvant Butte, and the very popular rockhounding area of Topaz Mountain. Looking west, the House Range was named by Captain J.H. Simpson as part of his road survey in 1859. The name Tatow was given to the big toe of an imagined, Native American giant.

Getting there:

Swasey Peak, the high-point of the House Range, is written about by others. Follow those arrival directions and you will see the "toe" any time you see the peak, just to the north of the peak. A book said that "boy scouts" climbed to the top, but it looks doubtful to me.

Also to be noticed in the area:

About 25 miles due east of Tatow Knob, you should notice the Intermountain Power Project with the 714-foot high smokestack. Twice a day, 100 coal-filled train cars leave Wellington, Utah and travel toward the power plant. Water is from the Sevier River, trapped in a dam northeast of Delta Utah. Los Angeles writes a check for the coal and sends it to Utah. Just imagine how many local, good paying jobs this provides.