Tatra National Park regulations

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Tatra National Park regulations
Created On: Oct 2, 2007
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Tatra National Park regulations

Within Tatra National Park (TANAP), hikers must use only public roads or marked hiking trails (MHT), respecting also seasonal restrictions. Tours outside of the MHT network are permitted only under the direction of a registered guide.

Mountain climbing is allowed only to organised climbers in restricted areas, and only after acquaintence with conditions through climbing associations or TANAP's Mountain Rescue Service.

Skiing is permitted only on marked ski slopes and trails, or on MHT, though on MHT hikers have right of way.

Bicycle riding is permitted only on public roads and marked cycling trails (also indicated on local maps).

Parachuting and paragliding are restricted to specified areas.

Camping and car parking is limited to specified places (marked as campgrounds or car parks). Overnight stays are not allowed in other natural settings, nor on roads, trails or car parks. Use of motor vehicles and bicycles off of public roads is prohibited. (State forestry vehicles and other required service vechicles are exempt; such vehicles carry special identification.)

The TANAP natural environment is protected as a whole, thus picking plants and trees is not permitted.

It is prohibited to catch, kill or collect animals at all stages of their development, to disrupt their natural rhythm through excessive noise, photographing off of MHT, throwing stones, feeding, etc. Bringing or breeding dogs near settlements (other than dogs used by TANAP's state forestry service) is not permitted.

It is prohibited to pollute the environment by waste, car washing, oil changes, excessive noise, lighting fires outside of designated areas, swim or bathe in mountain lakes and streams, or move rocks to create piles or structures.

Directions of appropriate employees (foresters, nature patrol, Mountain Rescue Service) must be respected. Violation of such can be prosecuted by applicable laws.

We are pleased that you found time to study these regulations. We trust we have offered you useful advice. We wish you an abundance of pleasant, relaxing experiences in the nature of TANAP.

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Tatra National Park regulations

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