The Adelsfels climbing walls ...

The Adelsfels is one of this rocky formations of the Palatinate, which are not very good known by the hiker public ... Logical, because the site isn't marked and because there's any path for going there easily ! But, in contrary as the hikers, the climbers know the site good enough, this fact especially for the big and impressive, very famous climbing tower : the Adelsnadel ! This one is having vertical and aerian walls, the sandstone is here very strong and regularly humid ... The conditions of climbing are difficult and technical enough, here on the Adelsfels ! For beginners in climbing, is the Adelsfels a very beautiful and interesting site ! So, if you want to discover this rock, you will be the welcome : the Adelsfels is waiting on your coming by him ... So, move your bodies everybody, let's gettin' hike and climb !


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