The Asselstein highest face

This new photo of the Asselstein, in the region of Annweiler, is showing you a very high and vertical sandstone wall. The orange color is typical for the winter season, into the Palatinate sector : the sandstone is normally pink or red, but when the sun disappears at the horizon, the rock is taking a very brillant color, like this one, that you can see on this picture. This spectacle is very short, because the sun is going to disappear and to fall very fastly (this especially, in winter ! ). If you want to have more sensations and more beautiful colors in an evening, you have better to come at the Asselstein, in summer : the sun is staying a long time in the sky and he's going to disappear very late ! The end of an estival and sunny journey, in summer, can coming at more than 22 hours ! To comparate this with the winter season, when the sun is already going to sleep, at 17 hours ... As seen like on this picture, the Asselstein seems to be a monumental cathedral !!!


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