The Highpoints of Highpointing

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The Highpoints of Highpointing
Created On: Jul 23, 2008
Last Edited On: Nov 12, 2016

My State Highpoints

My journey began by accident. I was hiking in Arkansas with a friend and we stumbled upon the "summit" of Mt. Magazine. The summit monument was pretty cool. Aside from the Signal Hill sign that hangs, there is a map of Arkansas made up of stone. It's pretty big. At that point, I thought it would be fun to venture to the highest point in every state. Little did I know there was a huge oranization of HighPointers. So far, I've conquered 18 of the 50. I totally enjoy this hobby and hope to be doing it for many more years. (It very well may be another lifetime before I conquer Denali though)
This album will be a work in progress and will grow as I conquer more and more highpoints.

01 - Arkansas - Mt. Magazine

Arkansas - Mt. Magazine
6/2007 The highpoint of this highpoint would have to be when we almost encountered a mother bear with cub. At least that's what the ranger told us. We were hiking back from the summit and we heard this snorting, kind of huffing noise. We had no idea what it was at first. Then it got louder.... much louder. We saw a few overturned large boulder/rocks and some claw marks on the trees. At this point we knew exactly what it was. We nearly ran all the way back to the visitor center. We spoke to Ranger Bob, and he said it was most likely the mother with new cubs. This ordeal definitely got my attention.

02 - Vermont - Mt. Mansfield

Vermont - Mt. Mansfield
10/2007 The highpoint of this highpoint was that I got married just hours prior to summiting. We changed clothes, donned our hiking gear and headed out and up The Long Trail. This was the first hike where I had a "little" bit of exposure. Near the summit via the Chin, there is one small stretch that was a tad bit dangerous.

03 - New Hampshire - Mt. Washington

New Hampshire - Mt. Washington
10/2007 The highpoint of this Highpoint would have to be the weather. The day was crystal clear and visibility was 75+ miles. Temps were in the 40's but with the windchill, it was below freezing. Regardless, the views were absolutely stunning. Ranger Bob informed us that a day like that was rare. He said you could count them on 1 hand. This was the first highpoint that I didn't hike up. We had to drive due to time constraints but it was almost as satisfying as a hike! My FJ got a workout anyway.

04 - Tennessee - Clingman's Dome

Tennessee - Clingman s Dome
10/2007 The highpoint of this Highpoint was that I got to hike a portion of the famous "Appalachian Trail". I had read about it many times but had never been on it. Another highpoint was being near the summit and having the clouds roll right through us. It's probably the closest to heaven that I've ever been.

05 - Texas - Guadalupe Peak

Texas - Guadalupe Peak
10/2007 The highpoint of this Highpoint was having the top of Texas all to myself. It was a mid-week hike and there was no one else around. I spent a few hours enjoying the views from the top.

06 - Illinois - Charles Mound

Illinois - Charles Mound
11/2007 The highpoint of this Highpoint is that I saw the top of my home state. I spent the first 20 years of my life just a few hours south of this highpoint. I was home for the holidays and managed to sneak away for half a day to explore this one. It snowed while I was hiking through the pasture.

07 - Missouri - Taum Sauk Mountain

Missouri - Taum Sauk Mountain
11/2007 The highpoint of this Highpoint would have to be that I took one of my kids with me. By kids, I mean 4 legged kids. Bella was able to make the short hike from the parking lot to the summit marker. She's pretty old (12 years when this picture was taken), so this was a highpoint for her as well.

08 - Nevada - Boundary Peak

Nevada - Boundary Peak
06/2008 The highpoint of this Highpoint was the people I met while in one of the most remote areas I've ever been. I thought it would be a lonely hike and low and behold, 7 police officers showed up. They were hiking in memory of fallen comrades as part of the Cops On Top. They hiked up with us the next morning. I also met David and Chiva, the stars of Tour de Dog

09 - California - Mt. Whitney

California - Mt. Whitney
06/2008 The highpoint of this Highpoint is that this is the highest mountain in the lower 48 states. This was the first time I climbed a snow chute, the first time I used an ice axe and crampons, the first time I camped above 9,000 feet, the first (and only)14'er.

10 - Hawaii - Mauna Kea

Mauna Kea Summit
01/2009 The highpoint of this Highpoint is that I was able to hike to 13,796 feet above sea level and then just hours later, I was able to be swimming in the ocean. It was also my first volcano summit. The island of Hawaii is full of adventure.

11 - New Mexico - Wheeler Peak

Happy Summiter
09/2009 The highpoint of this Highpoint is that I experienced absolutely ZERO altitude sickness. Also that I got to camp in the basin @ 12,700 feet and had a stream just 15 feet from camp. It was a nice sound to drift off to sleep with.

12 - Oklahoma - Black Mesa

9/2009 The highpoint of this Highpoint was the gorgeous sunrise and the beautiful landscape with mesas as far as the eye could see.

13 - Colorado - Mt. Elbert

8/9/2010 The highpoint of this Highpoint was FINALLY getting to climb in the wonderful state of Colorado. This was really my first trip to this amazing state and I definitely took advantage of it by bagging 3 14'ers in 4 days. 
Mt. Elbert
Can't wait to go back!

14 - Kansas - Mt. Sunflower

Mt. Sunflower
The highpoint of this Highpoint was the gorgeous sunrise and the absolute solitude. Nabbed this one on my drive back from Denver to Dallas.

15 - Louisiana - Driskill Mountain

Mount Driskill Summit
2/13/11 The highpoint of this Highpoint was that it was a short, easy hike to the summit after competing in the Rock & Roll New Orleans Half Marathon just a few hours prior. Also found a geocache or two on the way.

16 - Arizona - Humphreys Peak

On Top of Arizona
6/20/11 The highpoint of this Highpoint was the HIGH wind near the summit. This was one of the most scary summits I've done. The saddle just below the summit had winds in excess of 60 mph. I literally crawled the last 100 feet to the top. I was slightly lifted off my feet several times.

17 - Alabama - Cheaha Mountain

Cheaha Mountain
4/19/2014 The highpoint of this Highpoint was that we got to camp for 2 nights on the mountain top @ Cheaha State Park. What a great area. We hiked along the river the day before. Did about 7 miles with our 2 dogs. A gorgeous park!

18 - Mississippi - Woodall Mountain

Woodall Mountain
4/26/2014 The highpoint of this Highpoint was getting a geocache just a few meters from the summit. Not much of a mountain but it is an impressive hill. Got to take our two dogs with us again.

19 - South Carolina - Sassafras Mountain

10/12/16 1235 Hrs. The highpoint of this Highpoint was being able to bag this highpoint despite being driven out of S.C. by Hurricane Matthew. We were camping right on the coast in Edisto Beach and had to evacuate. We left and went to N.C. On the way out of NC, we slid over and got this highpoint. It was a beautiful sunny day. Met 3 other hikers at the top. Our dogs enjoyed it too. 
Mount Sassafras

20 - North Carolina - Mount Mitchell

10/6/2016 1407 Hrs The high point of this Highpoint was the drive up the Blue Ridge Parkway. The views were just amazing at every turn. The short hike to the summit was packed with people, as was the summit platform. Met lots of nice folks. They really loved our doggies!

21 - Georgia - Brasstown Bald

10/13/16 1139 Hrs. The high point of this Highpoint was the summit tower and getting to see the benchmark.  
If I hadn't asked the ranger, we never would have seen it. It's kept under lock & key because losers kept stealing it.  
Brasstown Benchmark

We only brought Roxie, our oldest Border Collie, on this hike. She did really good and loved the hike.

22 - Florida - Britton Hill

10/20/16 1129 Hrs. The high point of this Hightpoint was the fact that we FINALLY got it. We have driven right past the exit to Defuniak Springs at least half dozen times and every single time.... we weren't able to get it. Well this time, during our 23 day RV trip, we planned a stop.. It's kind of out in the middle of nowhere. Nice little park though. We had all 3 dogs with us.



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JohnMcPike - Oct 2, 2008 12:42 am - Voted 10/10

Great album

Hope you interpret imitating a high form of flattery--we may do one like it. Got a couple scrapbooks at home of our highpoint adventures. its time to put it online


TJ311 - Oct 2, 2008 12:53 pm - Hasn't voted

Re: Great album

Great!! I will be looking for your highpoint posting!

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The Highpoints of Highpointing

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