The ridge between Vallone dell'Urtier and Vallone di Grauson from the trail of Loie lake

From the trail descending into Vallone di Bardoney from Loie lake, view of the ridges between Vallone dell'Urtier and the valleys of: Grauson, Clavalitè and Champorcher.
From left to right:
  • an unnamed spur 2886m of Testa di Money 3130m
  • Punta Coupé 3214m
  • Penne Blanche 3254m
  • Testa di Vallonet 3135 m
  • Punta Tersiva 3513m
  • Torre Pontonnet (Punta S. 3173m, Punta N. 3185m)
  • Torre Ponton 3101m
  • Bec Costazza 3092m.
    In the intermediate plane, on the right, the ridge of Vallone di Acque Rosse.

  • Aug 6th, 2004


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