These five hikers are in the...

These five hikers are in the snow field (aka, "the football field") below the peak of Denali at 6:00pm (Alaska time) on Sunday, June 20th. I took this picture from my airplane trip over and around the peak through Talkeetna Aero Services. We spotted 11 hikers in this snowfield at that time, only 5 of which are visible in this photo. I have several pictures of them and their camps from the air. I don't mind emailing the pictures to these people if I could identify them. I'm guessing that they were probably about 30 minutes or an hour from the summit. This website scales down the photos, but in my larger version you can easily make out their legs and their shadows stretching across the snow. What an awesome plane trip around the peak and incredible views of Denali, Foraker, and Hunter.


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