Torn rotator cuff

Torn rotator cuff

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It is not too bad, for a long time, and common with 2 million doctor visits a year

If you walk, run, or hike dangerous ground, you will probably encounter this injury. You will fall: your hands and elbows straight will go out in front to keep your face from hitting rocks. Your shoulder will hurt, but it will likely be bearable. Reaching from the couch to the remote control on the coffee table hurts too much. You cannot sleep on that side at all. I could not move it much, and it was not too bad. The pain gets much better in a few days, without medication, but the range of motion is limited. If you reach straight up, the uninjured shoulder and hand goes much higher. If you put your hand behind your back and reach for your shirt-collar, no can do. The doctor will take x-rays which show nothing, since the trouble is soft-tissue, not bones. They will schedule an MRI with the expensive, huge magnetic-tube machine and that will tell the doctor what percentage is torn. Unsure of safety of these massive-radiation devices, I didn't do that. It happened 18 months ago, and I believe I'm 99-percent healed! I couldn't do a pull-up with two hands, but I couldn't anyway. Months later, carefully work in exercising it any way that causes NO pain. If it hurts, it is NOT HELPING it to get better. Moving and NOT hurting at all, is fine. Careful: if you reinjure it, or if your injury is worse than mine, you will be a medical customer for many painful visits and probable surgery.

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