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Alpine Climbing
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Created On: Apr 8, 2012
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We started from the valley Stern and our first goal was to climb to the Pastoral House Prgarca at 1763 meters, it took us about 2 hours, when we come to Prgarca we decided to make a short break to eat a sandwich and an apple.
The next goal was simpler and faster climb up Kredarica, right at the beginning everything went wrong, we went outside marked trails, and we are stuck in deep snow in the grape, which was very steep precisely 45 degrees, we managed to break through all the pain and we went on horse saddles Sedlo.Sa Konjsko we could clearly see the climbers who are slowly moving towards Kredarici, we have again fallen into trouble because we decided to go over the rocks, because the snow was very high.
As soon as we entered the rock, we know that will not be easy because the rock is loose.
Finally after much anguish, we came to Kredarica at an altitude of 2515 meters, we immediately ate well and went to sleep.
The next day the weather was very bad fall a little snow, the wind is from minute to minute increased and it was very very cold, a friend of mine I went to the top six in the morning and ran into trouble because he was very poor quality of snow, and almost was killed, when we went up we met him along the way and told us what the situation is and what happened to him, so I said without thinking back to back, we gave up under the leadership of Mali Triglav

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