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rsuminsby - Aug 16, 2020 1:32 pm Date Climbed: Aug 14, 2020

A perfect peak in a pandemic  Sucess!

Truchas is a perfect peak to climb during a likely won't see another living soul on the slopes of this remote peak! Climbed this during a traverse from Santa Barbara CG to Jack's Creek. Overnighted at Truchas Lake, summited South Truchas vis the south ridge on day 2, and then moved on to Pecos Baldy Lake via the beautiful Trailrider's Wall. Had originally hoped to traverse to Middle Truchas and perhaps even N Truchas, but decided that was biting off a little too much.

Natejitsu - Aug 14, 2018 6:54 am Date Climbed: Jul 29, 2018

Attempt from Jack's Creek

Attempted the south route, camping at Pecos Baldy Lake. Got past Little South Truchas and somewhat up the steep (but still Class II) slope up Truchas before caving. Poor sleep and altitude had me feeling exhausted and slightly nauseous. Would love to try this again, but will probably make it a 3-day trip. I would have pushed on if I didn't have to make it back to the TH.


dandrew - Aug 30, 2016 5:41 pm Date Climbed: Aug 27, 2016

Solo from Jacks Creek  Sucess!

Solo trip from Jacks Creek. Camped at Pecos Baldy Lake. Saw no one until return to camp from Truchas next day. Long hike. Beautiful scenery. Minor route finding issues on slopes of Truchas. Would like to do it again, but from Santa Barbara trailhead in the north.


chicagotransplant - Jul 7, 2016 7:00 pm Date Climbed: Jul 3, 2016

Tour de Truchas  Sucess!

Rachael and I camped near No Fish Lake after backpacking in from Santa Barbara CG, climbed the east ridge of Truchas, then traversed the remaining Truchas Peaks and Chimayosos before heading back to camp. The ridge from Medio to North had some good scrambling, maybe a little 4th class for a couple of moves but mostly reasonable 3rd with pretty straight forward route finding. The east ridge on this peak was a lot of fun, stick to the crest for fun scrambling, or bypass on grass to the left.


jdzaharia - Oct 16, 2015 12:04 pm Date Climbed: Oct 10, 2015

Beautiful Fall Day  Sucess!

Hiked up from Pecos Baldy Lake, and across Trailriders Wall. Beautiful cloudless day. Continued on to Middle and Medio, with intentions of North.


seano - Mar 10, 2014 4:55 pm Date Climbed: Mar 9, 2014

From Middle Truchas  Sucess!

Dayhike via Rio Quemado. By far the hardest part was the snowshoe in to the cirque. 10h40 car-to-car. Trip report.


birdhead - May 26, 2013 2:42 pm Date Climbed: May 25, 2013

Jack's Creek  Sucess!

Day hike from Jack's Creek trailhead with a few others from ABQ. Round trip time of around 12 hours at a very moderate pace. Lots of mountain goats!


benwood - Feb 14, 2012 3:31 pm

truchas via jack's creek  Sucess!

date is an estimateI got up at 3am to climb at got to watch the sunrise from the summit. wonderful experience


DonMartin - Jan 17, 2012 6:31 pm Date Climbed: Oct 2, 2011

Truchas South summit via UN 12 600 & Trailriders Wall from Jacks Creek  Sucess!

Despite thunderstorms on all sides that day I chanced it from Jacks Creek. Pecos Baldy Lake in 2 hours; pretty hard to scale UN 12 600 & then back down & then up South Truchas. 4 hours 15 minutes to summit from Jacks Creek; never started raining until near Jacks Creek again. Total time (with breaks totaling about 1-1.5 hours) was 10 hours & 20 minutes; 24 miles.


jrosay - Sep 6, 2011 4:44 pm Date Climbed: Sep 3, 2011

South approach  Sucess!

Magnificent short day hike from Pecos Baldy Lake.
I do not understand the reason (related to the season ?)
for recommending: ``About 2 miles beyond Trail Riders Wall, trail 251 runs into the eastern flank of Truchas Peak, from which the summit can be accessed'', while going straight on (over the bump), from Trail Riders Wall, is both easy and beautiful, and clearly much traveled. This (and I know a book that even recommends to go up to Truchas Lake before reaching the ridge!) can be confusing and may let people to fear some hidden difficulty on the obvious direct south approach.

Bezoar Goat

Bezoar Goat - Mar 1, 2011 4:07 pm Date Climbed: Apr 1, 2007

Gem  Sucess!

Day tripping from Cowles.

wolfskinrosie - Apr 23, 2010 7:28 pm Date Climbed: Oct 10, 2009

Middle/South Truchas solo  Sucess!

Hiked in from Jack's creek in one day to just below N. Truchas. Gained the ridge above the lake in thick clouds and started South over Middle. The wind cleared the skies while descending into the saddle, beautiful views from the top of S. Truchas, lots of bighorn sheep seen on the way down including a pretty habituated ram that the dog was excited about.


strudolyubov - Jan 23, 2009 6:14 pm Date Climbed: Sep 7, 2008

Southern approach via Jack's Creek  Sucess!

Started at 6am from Jack's Creek TH. Hiked the standard route: TH-Pecos Baldy Lake-Trailriders Wall-South Ridge. Climbed South Ridge over UN 12,600. Summited at 10am (my 3rd summit since 2000) and went on to Medio Truchas. Hiked back over Truchas summit and returned to the car by 3pm. Great hike: perfect weather, great views!

10/17/2010: Came from Middle and Medio Truchas. Nice weather, gorgeous views.


scooter12ga - Jul 10, 2008 3:15 pm Date Climbed: Jul 5, 2008

East side via Truchas Lakes  Sucess!

Climbed via a grass chute south of the Truchas Lakes up to a SE ridge from Medio Truchas. Crossed a small snowfield near the Medio summit to a saddle on the North ridge of South Truchas. Ran face-to-face into a bighorn on the North ridge but otherwise had a great climb. Continued on to climb Middle (West) Truchas the same day and continued down the same route. No crowds at all, we saw about 5 other people the entire day.


MoapaPk - May 12, 2008 12:01 pm Date Climbed: Jun 10, 1990

Attacked by bighorns  Sucess!

Exact data is something of a guess.

Well, we were swarmed by bighorns. They didn't really attack, though one grabbed the salty-sweaty underarm of my T-shirt and began chewing.


AltitudeSickness - Dec 22, 2007 8:15 pm Date Climbed: Jul 6, 2003

Route Climbed: Southern Approach  Sucess!

Spent the night on the trail after about 7-8 miles. Finished the hike to Truches Lake. Beautiful location. No one else around. The climb was relatively easy. Also did some fishing. No bites though. Tore up my right foot something fearsome. Had to super glue it back together and hike back out. It was a killer. Permanent nerve damage was the result.


weeds19 - Jun 28, 2007 6:59 pm Date Climbed: Jun 15, 2007

Great trip  Sucess!

I came in from Jack's Creek C.G. due to my transportation limitations (i.e. not a 4x4). The hike to Pecos Baldy lake is pretty mundane, but then the real scenery starts! I dropped off my overnight gear at the lake and then headed over trailriders wall toward Truchas. The going was surprisingly easy (I later realized that it was all downhill) along trailriders ridge and the route of Truchas was straightforward. There was a little bit of snow still on the peak, but just enough to make pretty pictures not impeded progress. After an hour on top I returned to Pecos Baldy lake for a night of camping, and hiked out the following morning.


lizrdboy - Feb 23, 2007 4:00 am

West Side  Sucess!

Camped below the West side and headed straight up in the morning. Steep, grassy slopes gave way to steep, loose talus and finally the summit. My favorite mountain range in New Mexico.


rioblanco13 - Sep 18, 2006 5:48 pm Date Climbed: Aug 14, 2006

Route Climbed: Our own trail from Jose Vigil Lake  Sucess!

Climbed as part of a 9th grade initiation 10 day backpacking trip into the Pecos Wilderness. Climbed up southwest ridge from Jose Vigil Lake.


swampclimber - Jul 4, 2006 6:30 pm Date Climbed: Jun 25, 2005

3 of the 4  Sucess!

Camped at Pecos Baldy Lake, climbed 3 of the 4 with my buddy rockrat2.

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