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Location Lat/Lon: 36.37000°N / 137.37000°E
Additional Information Elevation: 9835 ft / 2998 m
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Turugi-dake (Mt.Tsurugi) is a peak located in the northwest of Northern Japan Alps, and one of the typical climbing areas of Japan. There are a lot of sharp ridges such as Yatumine ridge,Genjiro ridge,Hayatsuki ridge,Tsurugi ridge,Komado ridge, Bessan ridge etc.
In winter, it becomes an extremely difficult climbing mountain because of the strong wind with average velocity of whole time exceeds 20m/sec and the heavy snow that reaches several meters in a night at times in addition to steep geographical features . Before it is said ,"Man who can climb Mt.Tsurugi in winter can climb the mountain all over the world" . Now,it becomes not such severe because of the maintenance of the road and the advancement of equipment. However, recently the party composed only of the experienced person of climbing the Himalayas such as Everest met an accident.As shown in this example ,itis a still difficult mountain.
In summer,it is comparatively easy to climb to the top because the mountain trail is maintained, and the iron ladder and chains are installed at dangerous place.

Getting There

At the season of summer,it is the most general to climb from Murodo . Murodo is a very popular scenic spot.
If you go from Tokyo ,take a train to Omachi City .It will take for about two hours and half. Change from Omachi City to the bus, the trolleybus (through the tunnel), the cablecar ,the ropeway and again the trolleybus, and you'll get at the Murodo terminal for about three hours.
If you go from Oska,it's about three hours by train to Toyama city . The train is changed to the local train ,cable car and the bus and about three hours to go from Toyama city to Murodo.
From Murodo to the peak of Mt.Tsurugi will be 6 or 7 hour's climb.

Red Tape

A dangerous region is specified by the Toyama Prefecture ordinance of local. The person who climbs in this danger zone from December 1st to May 15th should take permittion from Toyama Prefecture. Because it might be difficult for the foreigner to do this procedure, the one who want to climb during this period is recommended to employ the guide.

When To Climb

From mid-June to September will be the best.
Climing in winter season is not so common.


There are a lot of lodges at Murodo. And there are three lodges on the way to the summit. There are campgrounds near Murodou and Tsurugisawa,on the way .

Mountain Conditions

You can get the latest information of this area from this site. It's the site of mountain police of Toyama Prefecture. But i'm afraid it's written in Japanese Language !