Tussey Mountain

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Pennsylvania, United States, North America
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Tussey Mountain
Created On: Jun 27, 2004
Last Edited On: Mar 21, 2005


Tussey Mountain is a long mountain ridge in Central Pennsylvania that stretches for about forty-fifty miles from Huntingdon to State College. The height varies depending on where you are, but most of the ridge line is above 1600ft. The highpoint of the ridge is monumental when compared to other PA mountains. Yes, it's not really a mammoth, but it is a nice mountain to hike. There are many areas of access as you can imagine with such a long ridgeline. Tussey Mountain also has a ski resort which is very popular among Central Pennsylvanians in winter time. Tussey Mountain affords beautiful vistas from many different stops along the ridge. Good views of Huntingdon exist for those of you who love mountains with good city views. Also, there is abundant wildlife including Whitetails, Bald Eagles and many other species of plants and animals. This mountain gives visitors a wonderful taste of Pennsylvania's mountain/ridge scenery. It is also located very close to one of PA's most famous lakes, Raystown. It is a beautiful place for a day hike and provides views of great reward to any hiker.

Getting There

There are many different ways of getting to Tussey Mountain so you'll want to consult a Pennsylvania Atlas for that, as it is listed on most maps.
For the trail that is in the routes section from Huntington here are the directions:
• From 22/522 get on to 22 West in Huntingdon and follow that for approximately 5 miles as the road starts to head up to the heights northwest of town. Then follow road signs to Zebrevka Buffalo Ranch or highway #866 towards Williamsburg. This road will head up over Tussey and take you into downtown Williamsburg. There are many pulloffs along the road to start you hike. The powerline pulloff is at almost the highest point on the road.

Red Tape

There are no permits but use your backcountry ethics and treat the area with care. Always follow the Leave No Trace system because it will have to work if you follow it.

When To Climb

This mountain is climbable any time of year, but is more challenging in winter as is any mountain.


There is no known camping permitted on the Huntingdon section of Tussey Mountain.

Mountain Conditions

For mountain conditions go to weather.com. Type in conditions for either Williamsburg, PA or Huntingdon, PA.

Tussey Mountain

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