Two Ocean Mountain

Seen from the pullout at Togwotee Pass. Find and drive a 4WD road as close as you can, and hike the road the rest of the way until you are as close to the peak as the road gets. This will minimize your impact on the boggy, delicate subalpine meadows and also help keep your boots from getting soaked.

The rocky upper summit ridge is visible. The summit is to the right, and the first major obstacle en route is at the left end.

To get up, we approached the rocky face on the left but actually ascended through an open, snow-filled chute just right of it and on the north face of the mountain (the north face is what you mostly see here). Descending, though, as we had to move fast to escape a thunderstorm, we went straight down the scree from the upper summit ridge and followed a few snow-filled chutes back down to level ground, the meadows, and the 4WD road.

Absaroka Range, WY-- June 2009


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