This is the first of two notable pinnacles on the climber's left as he/she scrambles to the summit of the western peak at White Domes; it is also the pinnacle that draws attention when the peak is seen from the parking area and looks like, but is not, the peak's summit.

This view is from just south of the pinnacle, between it and the other pinnacle mentioned.

The pinnacle is not, of course, truly unclimbable, and I imagine someone has been atop it. However, the White Domes area is not one of the park sections where technical rock climbing (here meant as the use of rope and other gear, not the ascent of Class 5 pitches) is allowed, and there is probably only a handful of people who have both the skill and the guts to free solo this formation (I'm not among them), which looks equally challenging on all sides and is dangerously exposed, especially on its east side, where a fall would measure close to 300 feet.

Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada-- April 2009


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