Utah Highway 24, Wayne, View Point

Utah Highway 24, Wayne, View Point

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Additional Information Object Type: Clever way to point to sights
Additional Information County: Wayne

Simple, Easy way for people to know

Along Utah highway 24, Wayne county has provided a convenient place for cars to stop. Someone has welded a horizontal pipe on top of a vertical pipe which has a sign naming the object in the distance. The vertical pipe is aimed at the object being described. Young and old can peer through the pipe without error and be taught what they are seeing. Additional signs with pipes can always be added giving information about other named items. Temple Mountain, Henry Mountains (big), Brigham Butte, and Gilson Butte (small) have been named. Miles of distance could be given, and elevations could be added. We should create many more of these attractions since they are not costly and very informative. Larger, shorter pipes can be used for something big. Smaller, longer pipes can accurately be used for distant, small items. Just a long screwdriver can adjust the aim to perfection.

Getting there:

Utah Highway 24 ends at milemarker 160 joining I-70 at Shadscale Mesa. This view point is at milemarker 123, about 10 miles north of Hanksville.

Unique area:

Located northwest of Canyonlands National Park and bordering on the San Rafael Swell, this area could have dozens of pipes, each aimed at named features. Higher targets can be far away: Mount Hilgard is in the far distance at 11533 feet and 60 miles away. Temple Mountain (possibly named for Salt Lake City's building) is 15 miles away. The plentiful sand in the area came from erosion of long-ago mountains when Utah's area was at or near the equator.