Vallecito Mountain Routes

Vallecito Mountain Routes. The easiest way to reach Vallecito Mountain is by ridge traverse from Lake Fork Peak (blue line, 4.6 miles/2,100 ft. elevation gain RT). Lake Fork Peak can be climbed from Williams Lake TH via Kachina Peak routes [Kachina Lift Route (red line, 5 miles/3,300 ft. elevation gain RT) and Taos Ski Upper Ridge Route (green line, 4.6 miles/2,200 ft. elevation gain RT to Taos Ski Patrol HQ)], or via Williams Lake routes [Lake Fork East Ridge Route, NE Face Route and SE Face Route (black lines, 6-7 miles/3,000 ft. elevation gain RT]. The shortest route from Williams Lake TH to the summit of Vallecito Mountain (Kachina Lift Route+Lake Fork Peak-Vallecito Mountain Traverse) is about 9.6 miles round trip with 5,400 ft. elevation gain.


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