View from Ausangate high camp

There are several places where you could put up a HC on Ausangate. Most people camp near the snout of the glacier. As we already were reasonably well acclimatized, we went up some 300m more and set up camp at around 5750m, right below the crux of the route. A very cold place after the sun had gone, but that would come later. For now, it was still quite pleasant, and the views were magnificent.

In the middle is Nevado Mariposa (5808m), almost 2 km ENE.

To the left is the massive Callangate chain (6110m). It's closest peaks lie about 7km to the NE. My guess is that the peak in the photo is the main summit, but I'm not sure. It might be just behind it.

To the right of Mariposa is Jatunhuma (6093m), about 8km away.

1 June 2011.


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