View from Ptarmigan Point

View from Ptarmigan Point

This view looks more or less south southeast from Ptarmigan Point. The middle ground is Flattop Mountain, distinguished by its "flat" top, which is actually kinda rounded looking.

Immediately behind Flattop is the distinctive summit of Hallett Peak, dominating the center of the picture. On the right from Hallett are Owens and Taylor Peaks, linked together by Bighorn Flats. Background left is, of course, the Longs Group of Lady Washington, Longs, and Meeker.

The foreground and middle ground show the joys of this area for those of us who hike up our mountains. Once you're up the Flattop Mountain Trail, you can wander around Bighorn Flats and bag peaks. From the back side most of these are 300-1000 feet in additional elevation gain, but they have great views down the glacier-sculpted front sides. Hallett is a classic illustration.

Photo taken at the start of July 2008.
Arthur Digbee
on Aug 1, 2008 3:00 pm
Image Type(s): Scenery
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